Birthday Wishes and Messages for Your Father-in-Law:   One of the most influential men in a family’s life are the Father in Laws. More specific, the person you look to for advice in challenging times, turn to when things around the house are in need of repair, a supportive shoulder to cry on, or simply turning to them to hear stories of yesteryear.

In this piece, you will find some traditional and non-traditional ways to wish your spouse’s father the best birthday possible. After all, they did play a tremendous role in molding and shaping your significant other into the person, with whom you fell in love with and decided to spend all eternity with. There are quotes below, that might be able to get across exactly the point you are wanting to make. There are many below to choose from, whether it be respectful and sincere, humorous, or heartfelt and uplifting.

Happy Birthday, to my Father in Law!!

Let us celebrate this day to the fullest and give thanks to God, for giving me the wonderful blessings of two fathers. Happy Birthday to the best Father-in-Law anyone could ask for!!

Happy Birthday to one of the best men I have in my life. Your official title may be my Father-in-Law, but to me you are Dad. Happy Birthday, I Love You!

I know there is a saying that you cannot choose your spouse’s family. But I feel like I hit the jackpot with you. We may not be blood, but I cannot imagine there being a closer connection that a Father in Law and someone could share. Happy Birthday Dad.

To my Father in Law, may God bless you on this day and always. Happy Birthday

My handsome Father in Law, wishing you the best birthday possible. You do so much for my family and I. For that I am eternally grateful, now and always. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to my Father in Law, who has filled a void in my life, I didn’t realize was there. And for showing me what it is like to be a great father. Thank you and I love you.

You are experienced and knowledgeable, a true noble man. I do not know how I got to be so blessed to get to have you as a Father in Law. Happy Birthday to one of the best men I know.

Thanks for being an awesome Father in law. May God bless you more with good health, joy, love, and good fortune.

Thanks for being an awesome Father in law. May God bless you more with good health, joy, love, and good fortune.

Birthday Wishes Father-in-Law

Father in Law genuine meaning: F: Friendly | A: Amazing | T: Trustworthy | H: Honest | E: Exemplar| R: Responsible | I: Ingenious | N: Noble | L: Loyal | A: Admirable| W: Wise. Here is hoping you have the greatest birthday that you can imagine!

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The color changing in your hair, is a sign of intelligence and integrity. The ruggedness of your hands, are a sign of toughness and hard work. Happy Birthday to an experienced and devoted man. I love you Father in Law.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! You may never know the level of impact you have had on me. But know that I would not be where I am today without you. I Love You.

In addition to wishing you a Happy Birthday my dearest Father in Law. I would also like to say Thank You. For giving me someone to love and care about the rest of my life. Happy Birthday Dad.

Happy Birthday Daddy! It has been a pleasure becoming a part of your family. You welcomed me with open arms and an open heart. I could not have asked for more. I love you!

Happy Birthday to my Father in Law. I am very lucky to have such a noble, loyal, honest, strong, and smart man in my life. There are so many wonderful things that I could say, but none would do you justice. I Love You.

The best birthday wishes for the best Father in Law anyone could hope to have. You are an in law by chance, but a true friend by choice. Happy Birthday to my Father in Law, I Love You

Every woman needs a father, I am very grateful that I have two. Happy Birthday to a man who is the epitome of strength and character. I Love You Dad.

May God bless you with a shower of blessings on this special day. The day that you entered into this world. We love you.

Funny Father in Law Birthday Wishes

Beneath that tough and strong exterior; is a kind hearted, soft, loving, comedian…Do not worry though, your secret is safe with me. Happy birthday!

It makes me smile with the knowledge that you are my Father in Law. Why you ask? Because now I do not have to go to the hardware store to get tools. I can promise you will get them back…eventually! I love you my Father in Law

Happy Birthday to my Father in Law, wishing you nothing but the meatiest and juiciest of steaks every day. But especially today on your Birthday. Grill on and Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Mr. Fix-it! May you never find something that can’t be fixed. Happy Birthday to my Father in Law.

So, this is what a normal Father in Law looks like? Well I guess, as close to it as one can get. Happy Birthday

Is there a birthday cake underneath those candles? Or are you trying to start a bonfire? Happy Birthday old man. Love your son/daughter in law.

Just because this is your day, does not mean you get to spend all day hold up in your man cave. You do need to honor the family with your presence.

I bet you have a list of things to do for your birthday Father in Law. It probably looks a little something like this. 1) Sleep 2) BBQ 3) Sports 4) Beer 5) Sleep

Enjoy your special day; as it is one of the few times you can get away with yelling at the television while watching your favorite sports team. And your wife won’t nag at you. Happy Birthday

You know it’s funny that there really aren’t a lot of Father in Law jokes. I think it’s perhaps you already must endure living with my Mother in Law.

Whew! With that many candles, I thought for sure the fire alarm would have gone off! Happy Birthday

We are giving you the best birthday gift you could ever want. A peaceful one. We are going on a road trip…if you want we could take your wife.

Finally, another man in this house to take the blame for leaving the toilet seat up. Happy Birthday Dad.

Now I know where your daughter gets her looks from. Thank you…for marrying your wife and creating such an amazing woman. Happy Birthday to my Father in Law!


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