Birthday Wishes and Messages for Your Ex-Boyfriend: Let the past be the past, as we’ve often heard. But sometimes there is nothing wrong with turning over a new leaf. Especially if that leaf is a metaphorically platonic leaf. While there is something to be said for giving your past flame their own space, as you both move on with your lives, there is no denying that you shared something special. And sometimes, some things don’t just fade away. Sometimes, listening to a song or watching a familiar movie can kindle up so many memories and you wonder what they’re upto or you just want to wish them well. So maybe a blooming friendship has not replaced an intense relationship, but that does not mean that you’ve forgotten about each other. If anything, you wish them a happy life ahead, without expectations or disparaging words. Maybe you’re hesitant on how to take the first step, or how to not come across badly on this occasion of their birthday. So here’s a few ways of wishing your ex-boyfriend a very Happy Birthday from your side, because you actually mean it!

Birthday Wishes for Ex-Boyfriend

The past seems pleasant when it is distant. I hope you have a pleasanter future. Happy birthday.

We could never connect the way we wanted, but maybe this is better. Some people are meant to share something special but for a short time. Happy birthday.

If I could change one thing it would be to take out all the memories and only cherish the ones with you smiling in them. Happy birthday.

Let the sun rise again and fall over our mistakes, let shadows hide them well. Always remember that however life might be, on the good times we must dwell. Happy birthday.

People change, but I hope you forever stay as kind, pleasant and loving. Happy birthday.

Time changes quite a lot of things, but definitely not our goodwill towards each other. Have a blessed day, Happy birthday.

Let the beauty of this day envelop you and make you forget all the bad memories. May you find a new confidante, someone to share the soul with. Happy birthday.

Even though some things never add up, you will always be a plus for me. Happy birthday.

These are the days we learn from our mistakes, may you make many more in your future as I do in mine. I always wish to see you smile. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes and Messages for Ex Boyfriend

If there ever is such a thing as soul mates, I hope you find yours and I find mine. Thinking of happier times, Happy birthday.

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The world is not divided into good people and bad people. But into those who care and those who don’t. Remember, for you, I will always be in the former. Happy birthday.

Wishes are from the heart and so is goodwill, I hope you’ll forget the past and its follies. Happy birthday.

Some day some girl is going to be very lucky to find a guy like you. May you make the best out of life. Happy birthday.

With time even scars heal, ours were only superficial. It is rare to find someone you share a connection with,you will always have a place in my heart. Wish you a very Happy birthday.

I hope someday someone makes you happier than you’d ever dreamt. You were and will always stay my friend. Happy birthday.

Let there be no room for sorrow but for hope and to make the best of the morrow. Let me give you a piece of my mind, may in the future something greater you find! Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Messages For Your Ex-Boyfriend

Love was never a fickle word for us. So I’m happy to say even today I love you like a friend. Happy birthday.

May there be light in your life, brighter than I could ever shine. I hope to send good wishes in your life as you send in mine. Happy birthday.

Sometimes words are not enough to express the loss of some people from our lives. But nonetheless, wish you a Happy Birthday from yours truly.

Disturbances are a part of life. Wish you a happy birthday from one of yours!

We gave our all only to realize what we had more special than any label. I look forward to seeing you achieve many great things in life! Happy birthday.

Do not lose respect for a relationship that didn’t work out, instead work harder for one that deserves you. I will always stay your well wisher. Happy birthday.

All I have in my heart is wishes for best of luck for your future. Happy birthday.

Pettiness is for those who can’t treasure what they had. And I think we are both above that. Happy birthday.

Love is a gamble, but with you it was worth playing. Happy birthday.

Here’s to a great friend, a trusty confidante and a worthy mate. I hope you make the best of your future and have a great life. Happy birthday.

If there is a reason for regret, it is that we were so right at the wrong time. With you I could always be myself. I hope some day you make some girl very lucky. Happy birthday.

Cherishing the people who were in your life is one way of living the good life. May your life be lit up by beauty and the future hold many opportunities. Happy birthday.

May you live a long life with someone prettier enough to make me jealous. Let us forget the past and find a friend in each other. Happy birthday.

Life is one infinite journey through thick and thin. May your life have a new adventure, a new phase, but this time without me. Happy birthday.

Life has a new twist every few miles along the way. May the next one be fun-filled for a handsome devil like you! Happy birthday.

Some people stay in our lives forever, some just long enough to teach us how to find the former. I think we both taught each other a lot. Happy birthday.

You can’t fight fire with fire but you can kindle the fire with warmth. And I simply wish more warmth in your life. Happy birthday.

Life is rarely so kind as to give a good friend in an ex-boyfriend. Let there be more joyous occasions and less cause for suffering. May you charm many more hearts as you did mine! Wish you a very Happy birthday.

May you find the happiness you’re searching for in all aspects of your life and someone to share it with. Let life give you lessons to learn from and a helping hand whenever you’re in need. Happy birthday.

I hope you live a life less extraordinary with the zest for it that we both shared. Please remember that for you I still do and have always cared. Have a Happy birthday.

Let us forget the past and hope to make the best of each other’s futures. Hope you meet someone really special, really soon. Happy birthday.

Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. And it is so much cooler to be mature and embrace the past than to ignore it. Happy birthday.

Living is easy with a familiar face, but even better when it’s worth the wait. Cheers from a fellow waiter. Happy birthday.

Life is filled with choices and though we can agree both of ours was wrong, may your future hold the correct one. Have a lasting smile and you’ll always have a friend by your side whenever you’re sad. Happy birthday.


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