Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for Daughter:  She was the angel that lit up your life. When things weren’t too good, but you gave her a hand and she started walking for the first time, and just then you knew, everything was going to be alright. Your walls are teeming with pictures of her childhood and as she’s growing up, you’re afraid, she might go away some day, leaving this cocoon of safety, flying to make her own nest. On this occasion of her birthday, make her feel special and cherish the relationship between the two of you. Gift her a card, tell her a heartfelt story and share your memories with her. Recount how growing up felt like for you and relive those days with your old friend: nostalgia. Help her find her own place in this world, and let her know it is okay to fall, as long as she remembers to get back up. Today make your little girl feel special along with your warm wishes and embrace.

Wonderful Birthday Wishes for Daughter

As you grow up and go away, to pursue your dreams and learn many new amazing things, I’ll not stop you, but only with a heavy heart bid adieu to our little bird to achieve great many things. Happy birthday!

Congratulations! You’ve just come of age and ready to enter the big, bad world! This world needs more caring, thinking adults like you, dear. May you never change. Happy birthday.

When people talk about a daughter, they talk about beauty and charms. But for us, you have the wit, guts and will to beat any random lad at anything you set your eyes on! Keep going, girl. Happy birthday.

Since the day you were born, you weren’t just a cuddly child, you kept your father and I wrapped around your little fingers, as you do, even today. Happy birthday, dear.

Love is watching your daughter grow up to the same ideals that you set for her and watch her outdo even those. You are a credit to your parents, love. Happy birthday!

I’m so proud to say that my daughter and I are more like friends than a mother and daughter. You have taught me as much as I’ve taught you, darling. Hope the future teaches you much more. Happy birthday!

Now that you’re married and have your own kids, I can perhaps give you the same piece of advice my mother gave me: “Boiled potatoes make your kids fat!” Haha. You are as amazing a mother, as you were a daughter. Happy birthday.

Ever since the day you were born, you have troubled me so much! But as you grow up, I see the bright keen eyes learning and evolving into beautiful, intelligent ones. No matter what, always stay the same, child. Happy birthday.

As you’re growing up now, I won’t say don’t stay out late, party hard or ignore your education. I will just think it really hard and hope you get the message telepathically, like this one: Happy birthday!

happy birthday wishes daughter

You’ve been given a new year to make new mistakes. Mistakes: Never be afraid of them, never make the same one twice. Happy birthday, darling!

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Education will only get you so far. Remember always, your good manners, a kind nature and a helping hand will be a sign of your good upbringing. Love you, child. Happy birthday.

Remember, there will be many who’ll hurt you, judge you and mistrust you. A smart woman must decide for herself who will be worth taking the hurt, judgement and mistrust for. Happy birthday to this smart woman!

We have raised you to be a strong, independent women, and you make us proud everyday by being so much more. Happy birthday.

Don’t just raise the bar for other women your age, raise the bar for your generation, men and women-alike. Go out, achieve greatness and conquer the world with love! Happy birthday!

A happy family is not one which always lives together, but one which stands for each other in times of difficulty. You are such a strong girl and you make your parents so happy and swell with pride. Happy birthday.

The best women have risen out of the worst of times. They’ve grown, adapted and learnt to live in the hardest of times. You are one such hard sailor in troubled waters, love, keep sailing. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Messages For Your Daughter

Your mother and I were delighted to have an energetic, cheerful girl like you. But we don’t anymore. Now we’re shocked to have an energetic, cheerful, smart, intelligent woman in her place. Happy birthday, darling!

Your mother and I have both agreed that we will never approve of the man you choose to get married to. Because, there is no man deserving of marrying my angel! But in the spirit of being supportive we’ll pretend. Happy birthday!

I have come to realize that having children who look up to you is not the best that a father could wish for, instead having a daughter that I look up to is a father’s wish come true, as you have . Happy birthday!

A daughter is like a lighthouse in a storm, she guides you through moral dilemmas through her compassion and gentle heart. You are my lighthouse, happy birthday!

A family should stick together through thick and thin, and daughters are the glue that hold it together. Happy birthday.

With each passing day you grow more inspiring, talented and beautiful. Let your ever-incresing zeal towards life spread into the world. Happy birthday, angel!

You have always called me your anchor but all along you have been my sail, directing my life to amazing places as effortlessly as the wind. Happy birthday!

The Watson to my Sherlock, the Robin to my Batman and the Jerry to my Tom! Happy birthday, kiddo, you are my partner in crime more than my daughter!

Motherhood has taught me so many things. But mostly it has taught me how to be a better woman. Love you, dear daughter. Happy birthday!

Dear daughter, there is nothing wrong with choosing the path the rest of the world chooses. But it takes enormous courage to walk a path meant only for you. Remember, there is no other you in this world. Happy birthday!

Doing the correct thing isn’t always easy, it requires choosing the right option consciously in every step of your life. Have a beautiful life ahead, dear daughter. Happy birthday.

On this occasion of your birthday I would advise you to travel. Travel so far and wide that it’ll develop within you a strength of character that no amount of good looks can compensate for. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, baby girl. Today, forget the people who hurt you. It is the people who made your life worth living that you need to focus on. Make the best of your day!

As life passes you by, you’ll realise that everything is temporary. Forget your joys and sorrows for the moment and you’ll never notice when the moment has become years. Happy birthday.

As you turn from a teenager into an adult, you will understand who you’re meant to be, but only if you take the effort to not become someone else. Happy birthday, baby!

As a parent, I just have to say to you that don’t try to “fit into” this world. Never lose your compassion. But enjoy your life to the fullest! Happy birthday.

Dear child, if ever you don’t know what’s good for you, it is best to leave things upto the Universe. Happy birthday.

You’re capable of more than you believe, do not fear what you should embrace and remember that love moves the world. Happy birthday.

Sometimes you risk it all for the chance of finding something real. And my life could not be more real and happier with you in it! Happy birthday!

Fear and failure are two of the most motivating factors stopping you from having the best out of life. Don’t ever let them stop you, love. Keep hustling. Happy birthday.

Today before you leave home, hug the people you love tightly. Lots of love and kisses, Happy birthday.

You make us so proud as you have achieved so much at such young age. Remember, if they criticize your work, it means you created something worth noticing. Keep up the good work. Happy birthday.

The world is an infinitely better place when you associate yourself with those who bring light than the ones who complain about the darkness. As our daughter you have become the Sun of our lives. Happy birthday.

Always remember life is not going to stop for you. It keeps being beautiful even when you’re busy being disappointed. Never give up on it. Happy birthday.


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