Birthday Wishes and Messages for Your Daughter-in-Law: It has come once again like it does every year your Daughter-in-Law’s birthday. She is the one woman who was brave enough to take a life of being with your son. I think if for no other reason that means there should be a celebration!

Now I know that not everybody lives in this fairy tale life but at least for today, I think we can all agree that your Daughter-in-Law deserves a little positive celebration.

Below you will find all different ways for saying Happy Birthday to the woman that with or without your blessing has become a part of your family. Some will, of course, be thoughtful and convey your sentiment to this grafted member of the family. Others may be a little edgy. These funny quotes are for two kinds of people. The first being someone who has such a good relationship that they know the joke will be taken well. The second being an unhappy in-law wanting to subtly but not so subtly poke fun at their Daughter-in-Law. Let’s hope you are the former!

Okay now, dig into some excellent ways to wish your Daughter-in-Law a Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Daughter-in-Law

You are the daughter I never knew I wanted or needed. I’m so glad that by some twist of fate you happened to meet my son and now celebrate your birthdays with us. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to the woman that finally got my son out of my house!

You were not born into this family but grafted on. You weren’t a family member by default, but by choice. Happy Birthday to my Daughter-in-law who was made to be in our family.

I think God must’ve known you were going to marry my son when he was forming you. You fit in this family like a puzzle piece fits in a jigsaw puzzle. Happy Birthday!

You stole my baby boy. I don’t know when we started celebrating birthday’s for thieves but in the name of being civil here’s a present.

It’s hard to give you a funny birthday wish without sounding like a snarky in-law who is passive-aggressively trying to hurt your feelings. So we’ll just stick with Happy Birthday!

What are the odds that you would be married into this family? I mean there are a lot of great guys better than my son, but hey I guess you like a dash of crazy with your family! Happy Birthday!

I’ve not known you your whole life, but every year we have with you makes me wish that we had known you since the beginning. Happy Birthday!

What makes a daughter-in-law so great? Well, it must be the fact that they take care of the big baby that I call my son so I don’t have to any longer.

happy Birthday cards for Daughter-in-Law

I’ve watched you turn from my son’s crush, to his wife, to a mother, and I can wait to celebrate more changes with you. Happy Birthday.

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Happy birthday to one of the most mixed up relationships I have. On the one hand, you took my son from me, and I just don’t know if abduction is something we should celebrate. On the other hand, you make him happier than anyone else so I guess I’ll focus on that for today and we can talk later about the whole abduction business.

I hope your day is wonderful, and happy today for your birthday, and every day after that feels just as special as your birthday.

I know from personal experience that living with my son is not the easiest place to be. So let’s celebrate today for making it another year.

I usually make jokes about people’s age on their birthday’s. However, with you being my daughter now if I insult your age it’s just a double insult to me. So take this lame wish of Happy Birthday!

The rest of us are just in this family by default but you chose to join the wacky clan. I don’t know if that means we are crazier or you? Regardless have a happy crazy birthday!

Well, you are another year older and have been in the family for another year. It’s time for our annual celebration to make you forget what a horrible decision you made!

I want to say happy birthday, but all I can say is THANK YOU! The spouse and I are finally free of our son, the world is our oyster.

I love you more than you can know. It’s not very often that you find a woman that loves a man as much as a mother loves her son. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Messages For Your Daughter-in-Law

Happy birthday to the woman that makes my son a better man every day.

Happy birthday to a woman that keeps my son in line and keeps him from seriously injuring himself.

Birthdays for daughter-in-laws should just be to commend the fact that she kept her husband, and our son out of trouble for one more year.

When I first had my son I didn’t realize the magic that happens through marriage. I inherited another daughter and a whole other family! Happy birthday to the one who helped double my family with a couple “I do’s”.

Happy birthday to the daughter that I didn’t have to change diapers, raise, yell at, and discipline. All in all, I think if I could figure out a way to just have daughters and sons-in-law I would have a whole lot less gray in my hair.

Today we celebrate the birthday of the woman who gave me grandchildren. It wasn’t until then that I realized all the work of raising kids is worth it for the grandkids!

A daughter-in-law is a literal godsend. First, they take your son from you. Then they take care of that son so you don’t have to. Then they give you grandchildren who they also take care of and you get the best of all of that. So Happy Birthday to a miracle worker!

Happy Birthday, you’re a little bit older, but if my son said anything about your age you just send him to me!

I will never think that a cake and a few presents will be enough for the woman who totally changed our world. Happy Birthday!

I know I’m the parent but I have learned so much about love and respect from the woman who loves my son. Happy Birthday.

I think you deserve a special day more than once a year but we all know I’m too lazy to do anymore so Happy Birthday!

I would’ve got you a birthday card this year but we all know what talks… Cold hard cash, cake, ice-cream, and wine. Happy birthday you rich, sugar loaded drunk!

Is it awkward to know that we all know you are a year older? We are among the few that you can’t lie about your age about.

I’d like to think those gray hairs on your head aren’t from my son, but I’m not as dumb as I come across sometimes. Happy birthday, and thanks for living with him so I don’t have to anymore!

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or some other ice-cream flavor, it’s all semantics when you’ve made it another year with my son. Ice-cream, whatever flavor, is a requirement for you this year! Happy Birthday!

I may not always say the right things to you. I may make you wonder if I like you, and I may just not be very nice to you all the time. But as my daughter-in-law, you are family now and nothing will tear us apart. Happy Birthday!


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