Birthday Wishes and Messages for Your Dad:  Your dad is the one who helped make you the person you are today. So on his special day, you can return the favor by wishing him some of the most wonderful greetings. Pour you heart out to the man who stood by you through thick and thin and toiled so that you could have the life you wanted. Make him feel the warmth of your words with some special birthday wishes and create the most grand birthday memories. Partake in this magical day with some of the best birthday wishes for your father and bring a smile on your dad’s face. Speak from the heart to reach his and you know you would have made your dad proud. Birthday wishes are meant to be as heartfelt and informal as possible so don’t hold back and keep your dad in mind so that you will know just what to say. Make him feel as special as he is on his birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Dad

From making me believe in myself to helping me achieve the milestones and goals I set for myself, I couldn’t have done it without you Dad! Happy birthday to the greatest man there ever lived.

We all need that certain someone to guide us in our lives and help us create the perfect path for us. And for me, that person was you Dad. I wish all the best things of the world for you today on this special day. Happy birthday.

We’ll be making memories till days to come and if it wasn’t for you I would not know how dad. Thank you for always being by my side and have the most wondrous birthday.

The hard work, the passion, the long hours, the toiling away, I often wondered why you worked so hard. And I soon realized it was to ensure I have the future I had always dreamt of. Thank you father for making my dreams come true. You truly are a special man who deserves the best birthday wishes on your special day.

Compassion, strength, humility, vigor and passion are all qualities I learnt from you dad. I cannot say how much you mean to me because words will fail me. But I would love to wish you a very happy birthday indeed and hope you will see many more glorious birthdays to come.

I remember the days when we used to play into the sunset and eat candy at night when mom was not watching. My dad, you are my best friend. I would not have been able to do half the things I have without your constant support and guidance. I love you dad and wish you a merry and grand birthday!

In your long and glorious years as my father, I got to know one of the greatest persons. I hope that you will continue to instill in me your words of wisdom and valiant features. Happy birthday father, have a great one!

You inspired me to be a better person throughout my life. And as I watched you, I knew I had the best teacher. You, my dad deserve only the best on this special day. A happy birthday to you!

For all the times we have laughed, cried, fought and shared those glorious moments together, I salute you. I hold these memories forever in my heart as I remember you today on your special day. Happy birthday!

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I have created some great memories with you Dad and have looked up to you at every moment. On this special day of yours, I salute you and wish you the best for every moment of your life.

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To join in this grand celebration of such a special person gives me immense delight. Nothing can be more special that a father figure and you my dad deserve only the best. Have a great birthday!

You have proved to be an inspiration not just to me but to a number of people throughout your life. So today we salute you and the way you are. Happy birthday to one of the best dads in the world!

Creating the best memories has been easy because of a dad like you. I hope only the best for you and wish you all the happiness in the world. I love you dad and happy birthday to the great person that you are.

You have given the greatest gift a dad could ever give his child: happiness and confidence to fulfill their dreams and destinations. And for this there are not enough words to thank you. All I can hope is that you have an amazing day and amazing years ahead like the life you have bestowed upon me. Happy birthday to a wonderful dad.

Singing me to sleep every night and wishing the best for me was what you always did best dad. I hope I become even half of the wonderful person that you are. Here’s wishing you one of the grandest birthday celebrations!

Happy Birthday Messages For Your Dad

This is the day I look forward to every year as I get to celebrate the best man in my life’s birthday. Dad you have made me who I am and owe everything to you. Happy birthday to one of the greatest fathers that ever lived.

To say that you inspire me is an understatement as you have carved the entire path for my life and made me who I am. Hope you have the greatest birthday and achieve all the best in your years to come!

There is no man who is as special to me as you dad ! You have been an authority figure, a shoulder to cry on, a man with all the right advice and my fellow comrade throughout my growing years. I cannot imagine my life without you and am happy to see you every day of my life. Happy birthday to the greatest dad.

Right from a tiny infant to a rebellious teenager and now a mature adult, you have seen my through these progressive stages. There is no one I would love and care for than you and mom and today we celebrate you and your ways. Happy birthday you brilliant specimen of a human being!

May you have all the best moments and memories in your years to come. Thank you for giving me the best possible childhood and creating a beautiful life for me. Happy birthday to the best father in the world.

I wish only good things for the man who has given me everything. Dad I love you and want to see you as happy as can be in your coming years. Hugs and kisses on this grand birthday of yours.

Each day celebrates your glorious presence in my life and today is a special day that celebrates who you are. Happy birthday my lovely father. There is no one I would spend my best moments with.

Days come and go and our eternal bond is strengthened each moment. Thank you dad for making me the strong personality that I am today and for helping me achieve your strength and compassion. You are the best dad ever and I wish you a very happy birthday.

To say you are just my father would be an understatement as you are so much more. A teacher, a guide, a friend and mostly important the greatest man in my life. I love you dad and wish you a great birthday.


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