Birthday Wishes and Messages for Your Cousin


Our cousins are like our extended siblings, and most of the time, they are our partners in crime. Aside from having our best friends at school, our cousins come closer to our hearts. Oftentimes, we grew up and spent most of our summer vacations with them. They know us more than others do. During their special day, how do you plan to greet them? You can help them start their day with a heartfelt message, or you can pump the vibe up by sending them crazy and funny birthday greetings.

In this article, I have composed some sincere and funny birthday greetings that you can send to your awesome cousins. Even though you are just a street apart or miles away, you can always make their day!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Cousin

1. We grew up and did a lot of things together. You will forever be close to my heart. I love you and happy birthday, cousin!

2. You are very blessed to have me as your cousin in this lifetime. Let’s party and happy birthday!

3. They say friends are forever, but I say cousins are for life. You are my favorite person! Happy birthday, cousin!

4. No one will ever understand how crazy our family is more than you do! Enjoy your day and happy birthday!

5. You were my first friend and I always feel safe and secure whenever you are around. You got me and I got you. Happy birthday, cousin!

6. You have always been my partner in crime since Day 1. Let us do crimes forever. Happy birthday, cousin!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Your cousin

7. You are the living proof that cousins are awesome. I love you and happy birthday!

8. I may not have a sibling of my own, but I am more than contented to have a cousin like you! Have fun and happy birthday!

9. Maybe God has created you as my cousin because I am sure that mom cannot handle us as siblings. Cheers to more memories together and happy birthday!

10. In this life, people may come and go but your cousin won’t. You have my back and I got yours. Happy birthday and I love you!

11. My summer vacations are a lot more memorable because I have a cousin like you! Have fun today and happy birthday!

12. I always wait for the weekend to come because I can’t wait to see you again! You are the best cousin that I have. Happy birthday!

13. If I had a twin, it would definitely be you. Happy birthday!

14. You were not only my first friend but you are most definitely my best friend! Happy birthday and make the most out of your day!

15. You are my definition of a best friend. Happy birthday, cousin!

16. I can’t skip crazy whenever you are around. To the best cousin that I have, happy birthday to you!

17. My family will never be complete as long as I do not see my best cousin around. Let’s celebrate and happy birthday!

18. I am too blessed to have the best cousin just a doorstep away from me. Let’s have fun and happy birthday!

19. I am proud to be the biggest fan of my cousin! She is the best of everything. Happy birthday and I love you!

20. Today, I hope and pray that you enjoy your day and that you will grow stronger and wiser as a person. God bless you and happy birthday, cousin!

21. Happy birthday to the person who I know is always utterly fabulous and awesome! Enjoy your day!

22. Another year has passed and I hope you continue to influence lives extraordinarily! Happy birthday to the best cousin that I have!

23. I cannot thank God enough that out of billions of people in this world, he gave me an awesome cousin like you. I love you and happy birthday!

24. You have always been there for me and I will be forever grateful to have you as a cousin. Happy birthday!

25. We are cousins by blood and definitely sisters by heart. I love you and happy birthday to the best cousin ever!

26. It was a delight to find both a best friend and a cousin in you. You are such a blessing to my life. Happy birthday and I love you!

Happy Birthday Messages For Your Cousin

27. Ever since you were born, you were already connected to my heart.  Happy birthday, cousin!

28.  We have maintained a strong bond with each other and I know in my heart that we will always be solid until the very end. Enjoy your day and happy birthday!

29. Our blood relation made us a family and my love for you made us best friends. You are the best cousin ever. Happy birthday!

30. To me, a cousin is a ready-made friend that will last a lifetime. Enjoy your day and happy birthday!

31. If there’s a “World’s Best Cousin Award,” I would definitely give it to you. Happy birthday!

32. I love my cousin because it is you. Have an awesome birthday!

33. You and I make up the best team. No one can beat our bond and I want you to know that I am happy to be your cousin. Happy birthday!

34. My life is not complete without my crazy cousin. I love you just the way you are. Happy birthday!

35. Given the choice with the other 8 billion people in the world, I will still choose you as a cousin. Happy birthday!

36. You are special in every way. It’s not an accident that you are my cousin because I am special too! Have a crazy night out and happy birthday!

37. Too blessed to have a cousin and a best friend all in one person. Happy birthday and I love you!

38. I am sending you all the best wishes wrapped with my love on your special day. Happy birthday, cousin!

39. I am more than lucky to have a cousin like you! All the best and happy birthday!

40. You deserve the best in this day and I hope you enjoy every moment of it. Happy birthday cousin and I love you!

41. Today is a special day because you were born! Happy birthday, cousin!

42. On this day, I want you to know that you are special and that I won’t exchange you for anyone or for anything. Happy birthday, cousin!

43. Remember that you are the most handsome person today. Make the most out of it! Happy birthday!

44. I consider myself blessed rather than lucky as I have a cousin like you! Happy birthday, man!

45. Imagine how boring my life can get if you weren’t my cousin.

46. Wishing you a happy birthday and a life filled with adventures and happiness. You are a great blessing to us! Enjoy your day!

47. Thank you for not getting tired of listening to my rants over and over again. I will always be here for you. Happy birthday, cousin!

48. To my cousin who taught me the craziest things, happy birthday! Have an awesome one!

49. I hope your special day is filled with smiles and laughter. Enjoy it and happy birthday!

50. I miss the times when we could just play and kill the time. Now that we are all grown up, I love you just the same and I hope to get to see you soon! To the best cousin that I have, happy birthday!


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