Birthday Wishes and Messages for Your Colleague: When it comes to office birthdays, it is sometimes hard to know what to give your colleagues.  You want to be thoughtful, but you also want to stay within the rules of the office place and be professional.  A card is always a nice gesture.  If you want to do more than that, make sure you get permission from your boss before you have any outstanding celebrations! Also, if you give one of your coworkers a gift, you may want to make sure you are giving the others one’s gifts when that time comes as well so no one has their feelings hurt.  And of course, don’t mention age!  Some people don’t mind, but others are very sensitive to the subject of age! Below are some fun birthday messages you can use for a colleague on your next birthday in the office!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Colleague

If seniority means you get to do less work, you are now the least productive worker in the building! All kidding aside, happy birthday!

I can’t imagine not getting to work with you every single day! You are an absolute treat. Thank you for being a great coworker! Happy birthday!

One year gone, one year closer to the beloved retirement! Happy birthday dear friend!

Happy birthday to a great colleague and an even greater friend. Enjoy your special day!

Here’s to happiness, good health, big raises, and paid time off. Have a great year, happy birthday!

The fact that you get to work with me every single day of your life for the rest of your life should be a present enough, but in case you are hard to please, enjoy this card.

You deserve a day off! I’ll put in a good word with the boss! I enjoy working with you and calling you my friend! Happy birthday!

I hope my amazing colleague is having an amazing birthday! You kick ass!

Hope your birthday is filled with friends, family, and a new cubicle. Thanks for being a great coworker, have a great birthday!

Birthday Wishes and Messages for Your Colleague

I hope your birthday is as great as you are every day. Thank you for all the hard work and memories, have a great day today!

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Here’s to a birthday with friends and fun. You mean the world to me and everyone else. Thank you for everything.

Wishing you a great day on YOUR day. Happy birthday, don’t forget to take a day off soon!

Even though you take 3 hour lunches, we still love you! All kidding aside, you are a great coworker, and someone I feel honored to get to work with on a daily basis. Have a wonderful birthday!

Here’s to another 365 days dealing with bosses and supervisors that are dumber than you! Enjoy your day of peace!

The fact you get to work with me every single day seems like a good enough gift, but we all know you like to be spoiled, so here’s a thoughtful card too. Happy birthday!

If I’m nice to you today on your birthday, does that mean you will start doing some work around here? Happy birthday you lazy bum!

You claim you have been working here for 20 years, but that means you had to have started when you were like, 3. Have a great day you old fart!

I thank my lucky stars every day that I sit next to you at work instead of some alternatives, please never leave me! Happy birthday!

It’s a pleasure working with you all these years, and it’s a pleasure being your friend. Relax today, you enjoy it, happy birthday.

I know you would rather have a promotion or a big bonus or something like that, but this is going to have to be good enough. Hope this will do! Happy birthday!

I hope your happy, because I had to buy you this card and cake, we had to make budget cuts! Happy birthday!

The next time I ask you to cover a shift for me, just remember who gave you an amazing birthday card on your special day! Happy birthday!

You are the hardest worker I know, in fact, I might just skip work for a week because I know you enjoy going above and beyond! Happy birthday!

You know what’s better than having your birthday off? Getting to spend it with me! Happy birthday!

Thanks for making work fun. I actually enjoy coming in every day, and that’s because people like you are here making every day memorable. Enjoy your special day! Happy birthday!

Best wishes to you on your special day. Tonight, treat yourself. You deserve it. Happy birthday!

You have not only made work better for me, but you made me a better person. I have so much respect for the work you do, and the person you are. Please, take the day to enjoy yourself and your successes. Happy birthday.

I enjoy coming to work every day to such an amazing coworker, friend, and teammate. You make everyday a walk in the park. Happy birthday!

I was going to skip work today, but I figured I had to come in to give you this card. Don’t be surprised if I “go home sick” today. Happy birthday!

Wishing you a raise, promotion, and a better boss (don’t tell him I said that!) Happy birthday!

Here’s to another year of success, productivity, and aging gracefully. Happy birthday to the best coworker a person could ask for!

Wishing you prosperity and a fulfilling next year of life. It’s been an honor to work with you along the way. Happiest of happy birthdays to you.

To the greatest coworker ever… you rock! Happy birthday!

Hoping all your wishes come true this year, unless your wishing for my job, then I hope you get fired. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Messages For Your Colleague

There’s to lukewarm coffee, idiot interns, angry customers, papercuts, and clueless supervisors. It’s a miracle we made it out alive. Happy birthday!

If we don’t get a day off soon, this might be the last year I write you a birthday card. Here’s to a great birthday, and hopes that you and I survive another year here.

You are my favourite coworker. Yeah! My favourite coworker that has a birthday today that I sit next to that likes black coffee! Your welcome! Happy birthday!

Here’s to true professional, and expert at their craft, and a great person. A special person like you deserves nothing less than a special day! Happy birthday.

The boss said if we pretend to get along today we might get tomorrow off. Read this and give me a hug when he walks by. Happy birthday!

You are the best coworker a guy could ask for. But, you are getting old, so today is bitter sweet for me. Please don’t die soon. Happy birthday!

Even though you never do any work, I still consider you my coworker and friend. Here is to another year of pretending to get something done while we are here. Happy birthday.

One year closer to retirement. Man, you are getting old. Make sure you put a good word in for me at the retirement home when you get there! Happy birthday you old man!

Working with you is a privilege. And I’m honored to call you not only my coworker, but my friend. Thank you for everything you have done for me along the way. Happy birthday.

If I get fired, I want you to know you weren’t the worst person in here. Thanks for dealing with me every day! Happy birthday!


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