Birthday Wishes and Messages for Your Baby Girl:  Kids Birthday is one of the most memorable and exciting thing in life. The strange and amazing characters of those kids on the birthday party excites the adults and make them feel happy. Gifts and Card presentation is also essential on birthdays, though the celebrant cannot read the birthday wishes but her parent will help her achieve it. Cake is also important as it helps to keep memories. Picture taking is also an aspect not to neglect as the celebrant take pictures with different well wishers such as brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, nephew and niece as well as neighbours. Kids always find their birthday exciting G and the always react to it by being happy and showing the excitement. Below are some nice birthday wishes for baby girls that will warm hearts , and become suitable additions to baby books.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Baby Girl

Happy Birthday to the coolest baby girl I ever known. It’s your day baby girl, enjoy it the fullest kid.

It’s a beautiful sunny day, because it’s my baby girl’s birthday. Enjoy your day my little baby kid.

Nothing in this world will ever change the love I have for you my baby girl. Happy Birthday Girl.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest baby girl on planet earth.

Hurray!!! It’s my baby girl’s birthday today. Happy Birthday baby.

Dear Baby, rejoice, celebrate and jubilate because today’s your birthday.

Hi Birthday Kid! Because you’re so special, do you know what you deserve on your special day? The most fun-filled, happy, enjoyable celebration ever.

Birthdays are the perfect time for different people to gather together and tell how much they love you — one of those people would be your mum! Happy Birthday, baby girl.

A great kid deserves a great birthday celebration. Your birthday gifts should be equal to your awesomeness. I hope your birthday is full of fun and good wishes.

Birthday Wishes for baby girl

Happy birthday to my little super Girl. May your special day be bombarded with plenty of happiness and nothing but good vibes.

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Kids Birthday is one of the most memorable and exciting thing in life. The strange and amazing characters of those kids on the birthday party excites

You have really brought so much joy and happiness into our precious lives. We love you little one. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest and coolest baby girl the world had ever produced. Happy Birthday Girl.

You are the light of my life and my pride and joy. Happy Birthday to my little angel.

Lots of love and good wishes to the prettiest girl of this universe on her Birthday.

Mum has been looking forward to this precious day of yours my baby girl. Love you all my baby girl.

I must be very lucky to give birth to a beautiful princess like you. Happy Birthday my princess.

I’m prepared to receive lots of warm wishes and gifts and birthday card for little baby angel. Only God could reward you for the blessing you brought for your parents.

The wind is blowing, the stars are shining the plants are waving, these are all for you my pretty baby girl. Happy Birthday Girl.

I pray my baby girl finds pleasure and love everywhere she goes, and she shall smile as from today henceforth. Happy Birthday cutie.

Wishing my pretty baby beautiful day, may joy and happiness comes her way, on this very special day of hers. Happy Birthday my baby girl.

I wish and pray that for every single candle on your cake today, God gives you more reason to smile in life. Enjoy your day cutie.

I hope for Grace to keep you moving in life, happiness to keep you smiling and Favor to keep you going higher and higher in life. Happy Birthday princess.

May the blessings a d live of this very day be yours, let the wishes and gifts keep coming, mummy is available to achieve that. Happy Birthday my sweet little angel.

May each year upon years that you spend on earth be adorable and sweet. Happy Birthday to the most ambitious little girl I have ever known.

I look up I to the sky one day and asked God why He has always been good to me, then I heard a whisper in my ears, saying “why won't I be good to you, when you have angel to take care of” thanks for the blessings you brought into my life. Happy Birthday baby girl.

May the words of love and joy which people bring to you today bring a lot of smile for you to enjoy your day. Happy Birthday cutie.

I once said to my self that I’m lucky because I’ve gotten the sweetest and most adorable niece on earth. Happy Birthday sweet baby girl.

Mum gave birth to many children but you are the one i cherish the most my pretty little sister. Have a blast on this your very special day. Brother loves you. Happy Birthday sister.

Happy Birthday little cutie, may daddy and mommys heart desires towards you come through. Have blast on your birthday girl.

Even if you are too small to read this message I know you will grow to see it. Nothing in this world will change the love mummy got for you. Happy Birthday my sweet little princess.

Only lucky mothers that gave birth to sweet angels like you knows what it feels to be endowed. I’m so happy because you came I to my life. Happy Birthday Girl. Mummy lives you forever.

Happy Birthday Messages For Your Baby Girl

On this your special day, may your day begin with joy, continue with happiness and ends with blessings. Happy Birthday little cutie.

Sweet and adorable sisters are rare to find, I am so happy you are my sister. Happy Birthday to a sister I will forever love.

Mummy is the first person to wish you happy birthday but that doesn’t really matter, what matters the most are the blessings and love which you have brought into my life since your birth. Happy Birthday baby girl.

This is a time to bring a little warm messages, big cake, gifts and cards to your life on this very special day of yours. Happy Birthday my little sent angel. Always remember that mommy loves you the most.

Only special baby girl are born on this special day, to a special family, by a special mum to enjoy a special and loving life. Happy Birthday to my sweet baby girl. Let the wishes and enjoyment begin.

You are such a special girl to me, who deserves a special day like this, for being who you are and bringing joy in every way to my life. You make me smile and laugh everyday, with everything you do. So today I get to send a special Birthday wish to you my one and only sweet daughter!

Finding a great niece like you is like finding a four leaf cover. I count myself so lucky to have you baby girl. Happy Birthday

Wishing you the loveliest morning, the happiest afternoon and the sweetest night. Happy Birthday my sweet daughter.

Today marks another year in your life, may the blessings and joys of the day follow you. Happy Birthday baby girl.

My sweet aby girl is plus One today. Let the party and celebrating begin. Happy Birthday baby girl.


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