Birthday Wishes and Messages for Your Baby Boy: Kids Birthday is as sweet as honey, and nothing makes a mother more happy than to see his boy grow and excel in her presence. Likewise the father, he takes care of his boy like it’s all asset his got. Babies birthday is always fun and there are series of mix up events which can steer up the day and make it a one to Remember. From the aspect of bringing in cards and gifts to the cutting of the cake by the young baby. Perhaps the kid can be taken out on a treat to mark his birthday. And if it is an home party where mum and dad, brothers and sisters, uncle and aunt’s and different well wishers gather together to celebrate with the kid. This always create long time memories for the Family of the celebrant. These are compilation of different birthday wishes for a baby boy.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Baby Boy

Tiny hands holding my finger. Lovely smiles touching my heart. Emotional cries breaking my heart. Sweet chuckles warming my soul. Wonderful Birthday my baby boy!

Happy Birthday to my little king, shine on my baby boy. The sky is your limit and don’t you ever forget that mama loves you so much.

From the first day I gave birth to you, I know girls will chase you all around. Happy Birthday my cute little boy!

I never thought you can never be cuter than your everyday self. Happy Birthday Little Boy

Happy Birthday to my Baby Boy, Nothing will ever stop mum from loving you.

I’m so happy you were born Into this world particularly into our lives, because you brighten our lives and you fill it with joy and happiness. Wishing you a day filled with love, joy and cheer. I hope your day will be as special as you are. Dad and Mum loves you.

Hey my Baby Boy, Be happy! This day is the day you were brought into this world to be a blessing and inspiration to the people all around you! You are such a wonderful and great person. May you be given more birthdays to fulfill all of your heart desires.

Happy Birthday my baby boy, Nothing will ever and never change mummys love for you. Enjoy your day boy and remember to go easy on those girls.

Today I pray all your heart desires come through and you shall find favor and mercies in all your endeavours in life. Happy Birthday my baby boy. Shine on.

BIRTHDAY WISHES for baby boy

Happy birthday to my little super boy . May your special day be bombarded with plenty of happiness and nothing but good vibes.

I love you little stubborn boy! You are so cool, smart and handsome. I love watching you grow up but I’m afraid you are growing too fast.

I’m prepared to receive lots of warm wishes and gifts and birthday card for my little baby boy. Only God could reward you for the blessing you brought for your parents.

The wind is blowing, the stars are shining the plants are waving, these are all for you my handsome baby boy. Happy Birthday boy.

Having you in my life has really brought so much joy and happiness to my life. That’s why today is a special day to celebrate a little boy that has made his parents proud. Happy Birthday my little King.

Its my little boys day not to be spoiled, if I see anyone beat my king I will punch the person. Stay Cool baby boy.

Mummy is the first person to wish you happy birthday but that doesn’t really matter, what matters the most are the blessings and love which you have brought into my life since your birth. Happy Birthday baby boy.

Hurray!!! It’s my baby boys birthday, let’s the wishes and the birthday cards start entering. Joy and blessing to you my baby boy.

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Happy Birthday Messages For Your Baby Boy

This is a time to bring a little warm messages, big cake, gifts and cards to your life on this very special day of yours. Happy Birthday my little cute king. Always remember that mommy loves you the most.

Only special baby boy are born on this special day, to a special family, by a special mum to enjoy a special and loving life. Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy. Let the wishes and enjoyment begin.

I can’t just explain how little baby boy has brought joy and happiness to my life and makes the world I live in a better and happier place. Thanks for making my world a safe place to live in. Happy Birthday baby boy.

This birthday card I’m sending to you Is as warm as it could be. I think you are so special and you mean a lot to me. I’m sending you my love, care and best wishes your way Hoping that your birthday is a very special day for every one of us. Happy Birthday my nephew !

I considered myself one of the luckiest person on earth for having an handsome and cool nephew like you. Have a blast on this your special day. Happy Birthday my nephew.

The word “Son” wouldn’t describe how I really feel for you my baby boy. You are such a source of strength, happiness and success in my life. Daddy loves you. Happy Birthday little king.

Unlike every other mother will say they have gotten a son, I will particularly say that I’ve gotten a king. Happy Birthday my baby boy. Have a blast.

Figured out that the sun rose so early today, the birds are singing, the oceans are making G waves and the weather is calm. Then I rememberd that it’s your birthday my baby boy. Only a special person like this can have all this. Happy Birthday boy.

Happy Birthday to a special little boy in my life, nothing will ever change my love for you. Happy Birthday.

I pray for the days Blessing to follow you and never to leave you alone. Happy Birthday young King.

If no one wishes you a happy birthday, you know your loving brother will wish you. Happy Birthday little brother.

May the words of love and joy which people bring to you today bring a lot of smile for you to enjoy your day. Happy Birthday boy.

I once said to my self that I’m lucky because I’ve gotten the sweetest and most adorable nephew on earth. Happy Birthday sweet baby boy.

May happiness and sunshine fill your day not only on this your special birthday but the whole year all through. Happy Birthday baby boy.

I will add additional candles to your cake so as to add additional happiness and joy tu your sweet life. Happy Birthday baby boy. Enjoy your day.

Birthday is only once in a year but our wishes for you is many more birthdays to come. Have a blast little boy.

Today, my baby just added another candle of joy and happiness to his life. May it give you the power to move to greater places in life. Happy Birthday baby boy.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest little baby boy on earth. Have a blast baby boy.

Happy Birthday to my prince, my love, my heart and my joy. Mummy loves you baby boy.

Happy Born day to the little king of the house. Happy Birthday my baby boy.


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