Birthday Poem for Son-in-law: Sons-in-law are the men that captivated the hearts of our children, as the first poem in this list says. Although many of us, as loving parents, might feel threatened by the prospect of our child’s leave, many others think it is a relief that they will be able to live through the war for survival that is the modern world. Not only that, they will have someone to accompany and aid their hearts. Thus, for that, we must thank that man, the one who will strive alongside your beloved child, hopefully, for eternity. Here, you will find strictly for male in-laws, but we have another article for female in-laws as well.

Happy Birthday Poems for Son-in-law

Dear son-in-law, with your charisma and skill,
you have not only captivated the heart of my child,
but mine as well.
With your immense kindness,
you have sung praises to our family,
and today, as you grow again,
I sing as well for you!
May all the days of your life be filled with love
and may it be long!

Bravely, you have struggled to charm my child,
in spite of all the jealousy I felt and, perhaps,
even demonstrated to you.
I apologize for any ill will and any misbehavior
that I have committed against you, singing now
a short felicitation for your day of growth
as your heart continues to beat strong and resolute!

With Cupid’s aid, you have fought for my child’s love.
Truly, his arrows pierced your heart deeply,
visible in your efforts to charm him/her.
Indeed, most would feel rather tired after many fruitless attempts,
but you broke through his/her ice walls,
thawing the heart and warming the soul once again.
Because of this, today, I praise you!

Hero of my child, hero of our family,
I laud you for all the good you have done to us!
I write and recite these verses of light,
free of all dismay of seeing my child broken-hearted.
A hymn this short might not suffice to celebrate this day,
the day of a hero’s birth, bathing the world in light!

With all the Love and Happiness you offered,
with selfless and splendid elegance, to my child,
I praise you as my son-in-law.
I praise you as my son-in-law,
for you have returned a smile to my child’s face,
for you have banished all the gloom from his/her heart.
And today, you grow once again!
Many felicitations to you!

With even a thousandth of the Joy
that you have brought to my child,
I would be grateful, guiltless and proud,
for the great Happiness you have brought
is like the light of a thousand stars,
glowing through the darkness of Space.
Yours, instead, shone through the gloom
and cleansed us with your luminosity!
Happy birthday to you, great star!

To have such an honorable man as my son-in-law
is true bliss, a shower of good Fortune.
Indeed, the light of the Heavens seems even stronger
as the Fates have willed you to meet my child
and to captivate his/her heart.
I am thrilled by your bravery and your wisdom,
and today, they both grow stronger within your spirit.

As the spirits’ voices reverberate and fuse
into one, a singing voice of laudation and exaltation,
I join them, singing as well, with pride and elation,
as we all praise and exalt your name today!
Let the great spirits protect your love,
making it eternal, along with your life,
cleansing the dread of an end!

Your soul is uplifted and exulted today,
as your handsome heart grows again,
the core of your soul becoming greater.
The center of your being, which has enveloped my child
with affection and love,
and today, as you grow older,
may your love grow stronger as well!
Let the Heavens above witness your love
and let they rejoice, too!

A conflagration of love that engulfed the blood of my blood,
freeing them from the shackles of romantic loneliness
and showing them the beauty of Eros.
Like a flame, you have grown upon our lives,
sowing seeds of passion in our weakened hearts.
Truly, I thank you, exalting you on this day
of great happiness and light!

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A journey towards Fortune has begun to my child,
and you are the first symbol of that!
You are like a lucky charm,
one which is to be held close to one’s heart!
You are the pinnacle of auspice,
bringing love and company to my child!
Truly, I wish you a happy birthday
and let the angels above protect you!

As the great blue skies extend the great blue seas,
your heart has awakened my child’s love,
his/her eyes glowing at the first moment they witnessed you,
enthralled by your handsomeness, both inside and outside.

I exalt you, as you grow again,
with greater maturity and greater power!
Happy birthday, dear son-in-law, may your life be long!
May the spirits above and around us grant your love immortality,
for the flames of your soul are like the Sun’s scorching might,
incinerating our hearts with passion and happiness!
Happy birthday, o esteemed man!

With great pride, today, I say you this:
you are the Light that blessed my child!
You are like the great heroes of old,
deserving an epic to tell of their deeds,
glorifying their spirits in their valor!
With the Olympians’ might and cunning,
you have conquered my child’s heart,
and today, I say you this:
Happy birthday, dear son-in-law!

A hymn to you, dear man, is most fitting for this day,
when your grand spirit transcends the stars once more
to reach the hearts of both my child and I.
With your personality, you have entranced us,
your glorious radiance enveloping us with warmth
and defeating all the dread and gloom within our chests.
Happy birthday to you!

Though many shun these demonstrations of love nowadays,
with the advent of new technologies and distractions,
I trust that the cultured mind that captivated my child
will take this to heart as the gift it is.
With your talents, you have written your own story,
and today, I exalt you in your strength
as you grow older today!

Like the beautiful plumes of the many male birds,
who evolve to become even more handsome to their mates
while risking their own survival with such flamboyance,
you grow more elegant, wiser and, yes, even flashier today.
Defeating all challenges so far with great courage,
you have become a legend.
Now, this legend grows again today!

You impress me with your very exquisite personality,
enough to break through any cloak of sorrow!
Happy birthday, dear son-in-law, as you shine in the sky
like Sirius and Vega combined!
May your unique charms that enthralled my child
last for much longer, enveloped by the Aether
and immune to Chronos and Space!
Happy birthday and many felicitations to you!

May the Fires of Passion, the Waters of Emotion,
the Earth of Resilience and the Airs of Intellect
that perfume your soul and your body
bless you and your beloved with euphoria!
May they become more powerful, enveloping you both
with great, unending love!
Happy birthday, oh esteemed in-law,
may Aeon preserve you with eternity!

With a kiss, you sealed the love of you and my child,
free of guilt and fear, full of pride and passion.
A brave heart that does not fall before any challenge,
crushing all the monsters that dare try to interrupt your love.
Indeed, with your great skill,
you have slain my distrust as well.
I give you many felicitations!


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