Birthday Poems for Sisters: How better to express yourself and say happy birthday to your sister than with a few lines of poetry? Here is a collection of poems written for sisters. Whether your sister is your biggest hero or your biggest annoyance, your senior or your junior, there is a birthday poem here for you to use. With topics ranging from birthday advice and best wishes to partying to admiration to lovingly venting small frustrations, there’s something here for everyone. No more racking your brain to think of a perfect, original message. It’s here. What more could you ask for?

Happy Birthday Poems for Sisters

Sister, today you deserve a crown,
Queen of all that you are.
Whether in sweat suit, pyjamas, fancy gown,
Today you should feel like a star.
Do all that you want:
Be with friends, be alone, eat some ice cream, eat fondant.
Today you should have your say.
Best wishes and happy birthday!

For your loving care and embraces,
For warnings about untied shoelaces,
For listening and good advice,
For being entirely thoughtful and ever nice,
For a good laugh to brighten a dark day,
For always knowing just what to say,
For always standing beside and never looking down from above,
Very best wishes, sister, and all my love.

I hope you have a perfect day,
A perfect birthday in every day.
Surrounded by those that you love,
The kind of day good memories are made of.
As busy or relaxing as you like,
Naps on the chair or a ten-mile hike.
Something bubbly, or a big mug of tea.
Whatever you choose, sister, best wishes from me!

A sister is much more than just that,
She’s someone who’s always up for a chat,
Someone who knows you better than most,
Someone who knows exactly how you like your toast,
Someone who’ll laugh, listen, love,
Someone who knows what your perfect day consists of.
Someone who knows just what to say,
Someone who deserves a perfect birthday.

Sisters aren’t perfect, despite what you think.
They borrow your things, and don’t give them back.
They leave their hair in the bathroom sink.
There are days they give you lots of flack.
But sister, no matter the things that you do,
Nothing will stop me from wishing the very best for you.

Birthday advice for my sister:
Find yourself a good mister,
Don’t wash your hair every single day,
And don’t worry when it starts to go gray,
Approach each day with hope in your eyes,
Be grateful for the rain, not just the blue skies.
Every so often, go out on your bike,
Eat as much cake as you like.

Another rotation around the sun
Begins for you today.
I hope it’s filled with lots of fun,
Filled with smiles, filled with play.
Another year, so make the best
Of every day within it,
With friends, hard work, fun and jest
And never, ever quit.
Whatever you do sister, do it your way,
Especially today on your birthday!

Every birthday is a new start,
So start it right with a hopeful heart.
Go forward with a determined smile on your face,
Approach it with strength, courage and grace.
You know you can do anything you want,
So let no person hinder, stop you or daunt.
Sister, today is your day,
Have a positively perfect happy birthday!

Sugar and spice and all that good stuff
The makings of a girl and a really good cake
But I don’t feel like that’s quite enough
For someone as amazing as you, for goodness’ sake!
Add toughness and attitude, confidence and smarts,
And that’s the sister I love, queen of so many hearts.

A sister’s someone beyond compare,
A companion for life, no matter the time, no matter the where.
A sister’s someone who knows you well,
Knows all your dreams, faults and secrets, but won’t ever tell.
Dear sister, you’re so much more and all of the above!
Happy birthday, best wishes, and all my love!

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Sometimes I know that a hug will do
To let you know how much I love you.
A sisterly smile across the room we share
Let’s you know how much I care.
But on certain days, I want to do something more,
Something you can’t accidently ignore.
So take these words and hold them near,
Happy birthday, sister dear!

Whether it’s cloudy or it rains,
I know you’ll shine wherever you go.
No matter heartache, troubles, or pains,
I know you’ll gracefully go with the flow.
You’re a light for all those that surround you,
More than a sister, you’re a friend, it’s true.
Happy birthday, good wishes, all the rest
To amazing you, the very best.

Sister, dearest, I love you so
Sister, dearest, you’re the best I know
Sister, dearest, the world’s what you deserve
Sister, dearest, always ahead of the curve
Sister, dearest, today’s for your fun
Sister, dearest, today you’re the most important one
Sister, dearest, on your special day
Sister, dearest, all good things coming your way.

You don’t need an outfit, cape, or mask
To be a super hero, you see.
The truth is, you’ve always been up to the task,
A super sister is what you are to me.
Someone I look up to, someone who’s great,
Someone who’s strong, someone to imitate.
In thanks, a hug and a kiss
Happy birthday, dear Super Sis!

Can you believe it, another year older?
Time’s flying past, as fast as a boulder.
Smarter and prettier with every day that passes.
We smile as we eagerly raise our glasses
To make a toast to you, my sister, my friend:
Here’s to you and all that you are,
A wonderful person and a shining star.

Sometimes we argue, quarrel, and quibble,
But I mean what I say in this little scribble.
Despite the differences between us two,
I have only best birthday wishes for you.
We’re a pair of peas in a pod,
You’re the yes to my no,
You’re the even to my odd.
Today’s your day to shine, sparkle and glow!

Some people complain about getting older.
Rather than party, cry only someone’s shoulder.
But think of the experience and the wisdom that grows,
Think of how much an older you knows!
It’s all in your perspective,
And by all means, be selective:
Forget the miserable, rubbish, and bad,
Choose to remember the things that make you glad!

Get out streamers, cake, and balloons!
Turn up the speakers; throw on some good tunes!
It’s my sister’s birthday and she deserves the best.
Let’s give her a real party-fest.
Dancing, music, games, and fun,
We’ll make sure she looks forward to the next one!
When it’s done, she’ll be tired out,
And have no energy for a birthday pout!

The princess and the birthday is a charming tale.
Starts and ends with magic, without fail.
Lots of songs along the way,
Throughout a perfect fairytale day.
Sister, you’re the princess, it suits you well.
And no doubt, there’s more of this story to tell.
Make it happen, do what you please.
You make being a princess look like a breeze!

S for smart, silly, and sweet
I for without whom I’m incomplete
S again for stylish and strong
T for not being afraid of the throng
E for elegant, not half bad
R for resourceful, well-rounded, and rad.
There’s so much more that I could say,
But for now I’ll keep it short: have a happy birthday!

A dandelion gone to fluff,
An eyelash that’s fallen on your cuff,
A coin flipped into a well,
An ancient, magical bell,
A pair of fingers, crossed,
Another coin, this time tossed,
A shooting star in the sky,
All these things, sister, you might ask why?
Flowers, coins, magic fishes,
I want you to have your birthday wishes!

Treat each day as a new start,
Though today’s a particularly big deal.
Begin each day with a full heart,
And ideally a good, healthy meal.
Today’s the day we celebrate you,
We celebrate this person we hold dear.
Sister, before you a year anew,
And from family and friends, a big birthday cheer!


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