Birthday Poems for Nephew: Family. The first social group we interact with after we are born. Some face family as the most important group to have a relationship with, above any others. For those people, nothing better than to show that you care about them with a poem for their birthday. It may just be a demonstration of your Love to them, but it can also be a chance to bond further with your relative. In this article, you will find many poems for that purpose, more specifically to your nephew. If you want to give a birthday poem to your niece instead, you can see the other article for that.

Happy Birthday Poems for Nephew

Son of my sibling, I salute you
on this day of happiness and growth,
maturing further, fruit of life,
reaching new heights of experience and skill
as well as intelligence and flair.
Happiness cannot describe my heart’s feelings
as I pride myself in the end of another cycle
in the life of my beloved nephew!

Such is the happiness of the Heavens
that they will shine brighter than ever
on this day of Light, Beauty and Fortune!
Such is the happiness of the Heavens
that the Moon and the stars will kiss the land
with their Graceful Radiance of Auspice!
Such is my happiness as you, my dear nephew,
grow again, brightening the world further!

Today, you, o son of Greatness,
you climb another step in the stair of Good Fortune,
reaching a new height and approaching the stars!
We of our family shall dance, sing and rejoice
as the pride of our blood grows older
and gets even closer to the glory of Heaven!

As the son of Light and Life, you inherited their essence,
the gold and the silver in their souls,
combined together in an alloy of electrum,
the preciousness combined of two noble metals.
Now, your essence shows its own power,
growing even further and rising with panache
into the ranks of the Heavenly Princes!

A Flame born out of Light,
you came to the world as blood of my blood,
fierce and passionate, ever energetic,
bequeathing new Fire to this dim world.
Now, your Flame grows again,
hotter and brighter, evolving like a star,
and like that of a star may your life be long!

Surely now that your Flame lives for another year,
as fierce and passionate as ever,
the Sun itself shall shower the world
with a warmth to keep up with yours!
Glowing with the energy of a new era, you stand,
like the Divine Flame of the angels, resolute.
As my nephew, you have my congratulations!

Singing and weaving stories of great heroes,
monsters and villains,
the bards of old made countless epics,
but none of them are as great as your epic,
which is not written, but instead,
every day of your life is a new adventure!
And after this, you become greater,
and another chapter begins for you!

With courage and strength, you march into the fray,
defeating all enemies with your power!
Warrior of our family, your courageous soul
becomes older today, growing again,
spirit, heart and anima enhanced
with experience and skill!
As your proud uncle/aunt, I give this to you,
words of praise and encouragement to further victories!

Let not the pains of dread and fear
of the unknown defeat you, my dear,
because in this day, celebrating when you were born,
a new period begins, one of Light,
which shall be like the glory of the Golden Age
as told by the Hellenic people about the reign of Kronos,
and like his son, today, you are king!

Like a tiny river whose mouth is at the greatest ocean,
you, of a newer generation,
enhance your elders’ knowledge with new ideas,
new skills and new methods,
fortifying this world’s sapience with your acumen.
Thus, your sharpness fortifies itself as well,
and the world shall glorify your new ideas!

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Your birth was a blessing to our family,
purifying all illness and gloom,
breaking through all the Evil Darkness,
and giving, once again, a happiness
to compensate all sorrow!
All the bad memories of the past crumble
before the new memories you bring since birth!
Happy birthday, my nephew, as you are like a savior
worthy of many laudations!

I find that the greatest gift of time
is that which allows us to eternize ourselves,
and you, o great nephew,
you have reached immortality in my heart,
immortal like the Olympians, a godly human,
with the vigor of youth and wisdom of experience.
Blessings I do sing to you!

Even if, as remembered today,
you still age in body, let not the fear of the future
crumble you, as it is unjustified for the luck that awaits.
The great fortune, often assigned to the number seven,
shall come, then, seven times seven
as you deserve squared blessings in this auspicious day!

You are the shrine constructed for the Light of Love,
born from two enamored souls who conjoined
and molded a new being, my nephew.
Truly, a great project of a human being,
with the Light of Heaven piercing through all Dark,
and with a new year full of Life and Hope!

You have much potential for greatness,
and today, in this day of glee,
you become even closer to reaching it,
growing wiser and stronger,
promoting Light to all our family!
Indeed, even the stars of your constellation
do shine brightly in this day!
Happy birthday and many felicitations, dear nephew!

This day is yours, dear nephew, son of my brother/sister,
a day of renewal and maturation,
when your brave heart becomes even braver,
blocking all attacks against you with your Light.
Like a soldier, your courage shines like a flame of power,
and this grows further as another cycle ends for you.
It is time to celebrate your new age!

Happy birthday, my dear nephew,
as you shatter another blockade,
breaking through another hindrance
and growing as the true warrior you are!
Happy birthday, my precious nephew,
as your stalwart rampart blocks all blight,
as your great Light banishes all Evil
and as you raise your Aegis to a new height!
Happy birthday, my nephew,
many blessings to your Life!

Truly, the Fires of Passion burn within you,
a noble fighter standing before all challenges,
no matter how great they may seem,
and today, we sing for you in this new era!
Like the Samurai of Japan, like the Vikings of Scandinavia
and like the Knights of Europe,
you shall defeat all challenge that might come in this year!

Nephew of mine, son of my sibling,
with your Fire, you battled through all.
With your Water, you have shed all your gloomy tears,
but never have you cried without reason,
enduring as much as possible and beyond with your Earth
and showing your tact with your Air.
Now, your elements combined show great strength,
growing with even more Light!

Today, I salute you with Auric Elation
as your spirit grows wiser and stronger!
Today, I praise you with Argentine Joy
as your heart becomes braver and tenderer!
Today, I greet you with many blessings
as your anima enhances itself within your soul!
Happy birthday, dear nephew,
may this day be filled with happiness!

In your day of Light, your elements grow stronger
as another cycle of one tun ends for you
and a new one begins, fresh and promising.
As the Maya celebrated this event,
so shall I celebrate your new year,
singing songs and weaving poetry of the highest quality
to lift you in your heavenly glory!


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