Birthday Poems for GirlFriend: Expressing emotions can be hard for a man in this society of ours. Some men, on the other hand, have no shame in demonstrating their love and affection for their girls. Not that this is something to be ashamed of, of course, and you may not necessarily be a man. Either way, poetry is an excellent way to captivate the heart of your loved one. However, even short poems like the ones listed here may be a challenge for some. Do not fret, as these are here for you to use as you wish. If you have a boyfriend instead, you can see the other article for that as well.

Happy Birthday Poems for GirlFriend

“Magnificence” is a word that cannot describe you,
glowing like Sirius and the Sun.
Neither is “Most Gracious” a fit title for you,
as gentle as a flower’s petal upon a calm lake.
But lacking better adjectives, I bestow these upon you.
As your beloved, I greet you
with a wish for a happy birthday!

No bliss is greater than witnessing your beauty.
No bliss is greater than witnessing your wisdom,
your excellence, your feminine power.
That, my dearest, surely will only become greater
a new year closes for you.
Take this as a gift from the depths of my heart
as I cherish your splendid self with glee.

Reverberating as a cascade upon rocks,
my heart pumps my sanguine humor
and along with it, the blissful essence of Love,
fruit of a fresh vision of your beauty.
And like Athens and Phoenicia,
your drops of light navigate upon my soul,
founding a new thalassocracy.
And for you, my Sea Queen,
I wish a happy birthday!

Strong and deep like the roots of a banyan
has your solid love rooted itself
into my heart.
Strong, wise,
growing deeper into my anima,
coloring the dry fields of my heart’s desert…
as dry as the words of this poem,
a shy attempt at thanking you,
and a wish of eternal happiness for you.

A tornado of emotions swirls inside me,
rotating and spiraling all my thoughts,
twisting and turning all my verses…
naught but babbling runs through my tongue now.
But in this strophe, I hope I can make myself clearer,
as in this day to celebrate the birth of your Light,
I wish even greater delight!

Witnessing my diseased soul, you touched it
with a gentle, uncovered hand.
Witnessing my dead heart, you revived it
with a shining, miraculous hand.
You possess green fingers,
as caring to the light in my being
as to an orchid.
Thus, may you be as happy in this new age
as I once you came into my life.

Fires of war may split us apart,
but the calm waters will soon follow
to fuse our beings again like atoms in diamonds
and halting the windstorm once more.
Today, I bring you this,
though it may appear meek to me,
I know it will be good for you,
as you become even more beautiful and perfect.

A glacial era happened in my heart,
making me cold and insensitive,
my vision graying without emotion.
But you came to me like a climate change
and braved through all my frigid snubbing.
Thus, with my liquefied heart, I bring you,
my snowflake, many blessings, so that
your heart be frozen too, but in eternal happiness!

The butterflies always gather around us,
seeking the sweet nectar of your kiss,
the sweetest treat anyone could wish for.
And longing again for the dulcet flavor
of your perfumed and peerless Love,
I write you this as you grow wiser,
evolving to become even sweeter…
and also to become even more precious to me.

With the flames hotter than the stars
of Cygnus and Sagittarius,
your passion burning bright in your form,
melting all frigor with your fire.
Like the seraphs, your divinity is that of Fire,
and with their Light, I wish that our hearts
fuse in one as you grow with more passion!

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Kisses with blisses have been shared among us,
and so have the eastern winds witnessed,
from day to night, our love growing.
Flutes are blown and strings are plucked,
playing melodies as unique as you.
And today, your melody is perfected yet again,
a new note appearing in your grand composition.

Like the wines of France,
like the beers of Germany,
like the sweet rum of the Caribbean,
you besot my life with the drunken euphoria
of your Love and your beauty,
cleansing my blood of all impurities
merely with a sweet, dazing kiss…
and with another embrace, I give you this,
knowing that with age, comes even more perfection.

Symphonies cannot exalt you enough,
neither can Hymns, Verses or Anthems,
but still, I write this to you, a small poem
of questionable quality,
hoping that, in this day, this day of Light,
when a daughter of Aphrodite descended to the Earth,
you become happier than I am every night
knowing that you reciprocate my love.

Any dull and tedious activity becomes a party
whenever I sense your aura near me.
Any desperation, any displeasure,
all dissolves into your Ocean of Delight,
and this ocean evolves again today,
drowning and dissolving even more gloom,
purifying my soul…
and now, I want to wish you
that this birthday be filled with joy!

Like a quake, my body shudders.
Like a flood, my blood rushes to my head.
Like a tornado, my thoughts muddle up…
I cannot express myself into words,
since they are not enough. They are insufficient.
But still, I insist blindly, hoping that
your heart takes them with joy
as a wish that your new year becomes even brighter!

I heard the most melodious tunes already,
from the erhu, the sitar and the shamisen
to the balalaika, the lute and the fiddle,
but none are as harmonious as your melody.
Your melody is incomparable, like a goddess’ voice,
and today, it becomes more perfect even, as the Sun rises again,
celebrating the splendor of your birthday!

My Bravery and my Faith were restored
as my eyes first seen your beauty.
You are my princess, and I will protect you,
protect you from all danger, be what it may,
and no enemy shall ever approach you…
but now, this is not a day of war, but of happiness,
and I wish you even more than you gave me!

Intellect, sacrifice and humanity in one body,
enhancing the power of the gods,
your beauty is magical, both inner and outer.
Today, you grow again, from dawn to dusk,
more intelligent, selfless and human,
and of course, even more beautiful.
May you enjoy today as much as I love you!

I may travel across this world,
from the canyon to the plateau to the highlands,
but I will never witness a beauty greater
than yours, my beloved queen.
As the Light of Heaven touches you again
on this day of glory and glee,
an Ode to Joy is sung by the seraphs,
exalting you and your name!

Even as shadowy hands grasp tightly at my heart,
your sweet touch cures all the wounds they inflict.
Your love is a panacea to my maladies,
all sicknesses succumbing to your florid remedy.
And as this garden of flowery words grows from this paper,
I wish you seven times seven
that you have a happy birthday!

Silent winds, the last flower falls from the last tree…
but no, it is not the end!
There will be no end to your Spring!
You are eternal to my heart,
blooming with vigor and enthusiasm,
greater than the lushest Amazon…
and now, you grow even lusher,
another year of glory beginning to you.


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