Birthday Poems for Daughter-in-law: These women were able to conquer the hearts of our children, and they sealed this love with a marriage. Thus, if their love has come this far, there is hopefully nothing that can separate them. It is our duty to make sure that our children are happy alongside their couples. In today’s media, we see a constant fight and disapproval among in-laws, but unless you truly wish to be hostile, you will find that the bond between them can be as strong as if they were related by blood. Why not present our new daughters with a short poem of felicitations for their birthday? Oh, and of course, if you need for your sons-in-law instead, you can find another article for that.

Happy Birthday Poems for Daughter-in-law

Felicitations to you, dear daughter-in-law,
for today is your day of light.
Let the angels above celebrate alongside us,
shining in the Heavens with grandiose laudations!
Let the spirits around us smile upon you,
protecting your love with their power
and eternizing it with the Aether!
Happy birthday, daughter-in-law, let all the world
rejoice at this day of light!

Today, as you grow again, stronger and wiser,
the winds of victory begin blowing in your direction.
They swish and swoosh, like the thoughts in my child’s head,
the ebullience of his/her blood rising upon sighting you.
Truly, this day marks another step towards the skies
through the stairs of Fortune!
May this be the greatest birthday in your life!

Across the decades I have lived through,
rarely have I met such a kind soul.
Indeed, with all the Evil souls across the world,
I feared you might have been another of them once,
but you have proved your worth and your light,
infusing my child with a great love!
Now, I salute you, praising your name and your day!

Like the shining snowflake, fallen upon a child’s head,
you have fallen upon the heart of my child.
You are a brave woman, cleansing all the doubt
and all the emptiness inside our hearts.
As the great warriors of Scythia, you have stood your ground,
insisting upon my child’s resistance.
Because of this, I praise you in this glorious day!

I could not stand to see my child, lonely and wistful,
without someone to call his/her love.
Truly, it was painful, but when you came to us,
you were like an angel, sent by the Heavens,
your beautiful sight making my child’s eyes
glitter with admiration.
I am glad to see you growing even more beautiful!

With your flames fueled by love,
you have shared a radiance of peerless power
with my child.
Like the Sun that bathes our land at every day,
you shower our family and bless us with your being,
your beauty like the song of a nightingale,
and today, your song becomes even prettier,
the notes like the scent of a rose!

As the strings of the Arabic minstrels,
those that played the most beautiful melodies at the nights
with the oud, the kamancheh and the goblet drum…
such is the beauty of your love!
Like an arabesque, you are a complex woman,
with a great personality and a great beauty as well!
I praise you as another year passes for you!

A selfless soul, sharing a heart with my child
and breaking through all barriers
of hesitation and sorrow!
With your great will and your grandiose power,
you have created a flame within our hearts,
incinerating all the dismay of loneliness!
I wish you a happy birthday as your light grows stronger
and your heart becomes larger with your love!

Like the Scythians who stepped barefoot
upon their motherland, one with Nature,
you are a strong and proud woman.
Like the Babylonians, a dedicated and clever people,
who built the great Tower of Babel
and the lush and magnificent Hanging Gardens,
you have constructed a wonderful love with my child.
Truly, I salute and bless you!

Purifying the gloom and dismay from my child,
you have granted us a great blessing.
As that Evil longing and loneliness vanished,
a great smile of indescribable happiness appeared.
Today, I sing like a devout to the Heavens above,
glorifying your name in all its beauty, proud to say
that you will grow even more beautiful today!

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After dreary and tiresome and lonely days,
my child finally found you, a strong and willful woman.
Many years have passed as the longing within our hearts
began to grow and fester like a disease,
but today, the panacea you have brought alongside you
grows stronger and ever sweet!
I salute you in your glory, courageous woman

Your heart is like a boundless meadow,
and in its center, you have planted the seed of my child’s love.
As these meadows grow today, the love between you
becomes even more mature, gleaming with its dew.
Like the humid airs of a rainforest, blessed by emotion,
may your life become more colorful
and may your love grow ever stronger!

The winds that blew across the great castles of Spain
where the same ones that peered through the hollow ruins
of the former city of Palmyra.
Likewise, the heart of my child was empty,
needing someone’s love to fill it.
Gladly, the wind that filled his/her heart
was such a mighty and wise woman!
Happy birthday, dear daughter-in-law!

Luck is a word that cannot describe the feeling
when I discovered that such a strong woman
charmed my beloved child.
I was thrilled to know he/she had finally found love,
a gift of colossal proportions in this darkened age,
where futility is exalted and the beauty is ignored…
Because of what you have done, I exalt you, o daughter-in-law!

Affinity, as the law names our relationship, is most fitting,
as the loving soul that charmed my child’s heart
enraptured mine as well, enveloping us both in blissful warmth.
Brave woman who becomes stronger today,
I prostrate myself before you, the queen of my child’s heart!
I glorifying you in all the love that you have given us!

As the million grains of sand across the beaches of the world
flow as the seas’ movements dictate, dancing alongside Oceanus,
your love pumps through the heart of my child.
Like the medieval melodies that were sung and upgraded
till they became regular tunes at every castle,
your birthday shall become a day of celebration and light!

O let not anyone dismay you, dear daughter-in-law,
for although this darkened world is unfit for your love,
today is a day of light and glory, your day of splendor,
when your aura glimmers as the gold of the kings,
whence only happiness and joy can come,
where your love shall become even greater!

Like the vibrations of the Earth beneath us,
the tree that falls on a desolate forest after being struck down
and the light of the Sun that scorches the land,
yours is a quiet love, silent and beautiful,
and that quiescence, dear daughter-in-law,
is the glory of the new era that comes for you!
Happy birthday and many felicitations!

This day, the Sun rises with a renewed vigor
as your strength is uplifted and your flames grow!
May today be free of all dismay and full of joy
as you become older and stronger!
Though Chronos may not be merciful to our bodies,
may Aeon, from now on, preserve you against the sands of time!

With a flame incomparably warm and bright,
your love shines across the darkness of the night.
May this flame be preserved for many years to come
like the flames at the hearths of the Romans!
May you, dear daughter-in-law, remain the pretty girl you are,
both outside, in your body, and inside, in your soul!


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