Birthday Poems for Brother: Looking for the perfect poem for your brother’s birthday? Look no further. Here is a collection of birthday poems written for brothers. Whether you really look up to your brother, he annoys you, he’s your best friend, he’s older, he’s younger, you don’t get on well, or you do, there is a poem here for him. You’ll find well wishing, life advice, sincerity and snippets of humour to suit your needs. Don’t worry about coming up with the perfect words and rhymes by yourself; they’re all right here.

Happy Birthday Poems for Brother

As children, we played with blocks,
Built forts out of blankets, mountains out of rocks.
Time moved along and we went out on bikes,
Hung out with friends, explored on hikes.
Now that we’re older, there are more adventures ahead,
More surprises and fun. It needs to be said:
Whatever life may bring your way,
Have a very happy birthday!

I can’t believe it’s already here,
Even though it happens every year!
Time pushes on and you’re another year older,
Another year smarter, wiser and bolder.
A young man ready to face the world,
As your path in life lays ahead, unfurled.
What great things will you do?
Happy birthday to you!

Life advice:
Always think twice.
Live an honest life.
Find a good wife.
Make good friends.
Exercise daily? (It depends.)
Enjoy the stars in the sky.
Know how to tie a tie.
Admit when you’re wrong.
Have at least one good karaoke song.
Find a balance between work and play,
And, of course, have a wonderful birthday.

A brother is a funny thing
Makes me laugh, makes me smile,
Makes me angry, makes me sting.
Both a trusted friend and a difficult trial.
Yet despite this mixture of ups and downs,
I watch you grow into a respectful man.
So with more smiles than frowns,
I hope you have the very best birthday you can.

Though we argue a lot, it’s true:
I really do look up to you.
I know I complain and I disagree,
But it’s a form of love to me.
Isn’t that what siblings are for?
An ongoing rivalry or war?
You’re a rival worthier than all the rest!
Have a happy birthday, the very best.

For today and only today:
I’ll let you have your say.
You can blame it all on me.
I won’t always disagree.
If we play a game, I’ll let you win.
I’ll admit it if there’s food on your chin.
I’ll refrain from pranks, just for your sake.
To top it off, I’ll even help you eat your cake.

It’s your birthday, brother. What will you wish for?
Lots of money or a fancy, expensive car?
A trip to Tahiti, Barbados, and more?
My present to you won’t take you so far.
I tried to think of the perfect present, you see:
You’ve already got it – a perfect sibling – me!

The world’s your oyster, go explore!
Throw shoes on, run out the door.
Go find out what adventures await,
Wake up early, stay up late,
Waste no minute, second or day,
Greet it all with a smile, come what may.
Be all that you can be, do all that you can do.
This is my birthday wish for you.

B for brilliant, brave and bold
R for reliable
O for old
T for terrific, tenacious and tough
H for handsome
E for enough
R for reputable, respected and rare

Dear brother, these words are to show that I care,
To preface what it is I really want to say:
I’m glad you were born. Have a happy birthday.

Balloons, cake, good friends,
Another year comes to an end.
You’ve accomplished a lot, dear brother.
I could be prouder of no other.
May this next one be filled will all things grand,
May it be the farthest thing from bland.
All best wishes coming your way
For a very happy birthday.

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Though I don’t always say it, you’re pretty great.
I sometimes tease, but I wouldn’t trade you for another.
You’re a confidant, my hero, a downright good mate,
A shoulder to cry on, an entertainer, my brother.
I hope today stands out from all the rest,
Truly on your birthday, you deserve the very best.

What I like about you:
Your jokes that make me laugh,
When you split your chocolate in half,
Your restraint when you let me have the last bit of food,
Your ever so cool attitude.
You’re a pretty good brother,
Unlike any other,
And certainly no other would do.
A very happy birthday to you!

I hope today is all that you want.
Hang out with friends at your favourite haunt.
Ignore all the lists of things that need to be done.
Today’s your day to have some fun.
What’ll it be? Fishing, bowling, a medium-rare steak?
Whatever it is, make sure you top it off with some cake!

I woke up this morning, a smile on my face,
The cause for which I could not trace.
I thought and thought, but didn’t know.
Then I grabbed that jumper, I borrowed from you years ago
Around this time of year, when I was feeling colder
And – aha! – I remember! It’s that wonderful day when my brother gets older!

If I could make a wish for you,
It would be for your happiness in all that you do.
I’d wish for your safety and your good health,
I’d wish for you to have just enough wealth.
I’ll think of these things on your special day,
And if someone offers to grant me a wish,
You know what I’ll say.

Brother, brother, you’re alright,
When we’re not in a fight
Brother, brother, you’re not bad.
In fact, I’d say you’re pretty rad.
Brother, brother, you’re pretty swell.
I’ll say it out as clear as a bell.
I hope your birthday’s as good as you are,
Despite how high you’ve set the bar.

What things you’ll do,
What places you’ll go,
Do plenty things new,
Go with the flow.

Say yes when you can,
It’ll take you far.
You’re a great man,
A really bright star.

Whatever is to be,
I hope that it’s great fun,
Memories to bring you glee,
When this next year of your life is done.

People always want balloons, gifts and cake.
I say be different, brother, do what you want for goodness’ sake!
Decorate with t-shirts, give high fives and eat pie.
And should anyone dare to ask you why,
Tell them the truth: today is your birthday
And you can celebrate it any which way.

On your special day,
Dear brother, I’d like to say
You’re not as annoying as I make you out to be.
I do it as part of my sibling job, you see.
To be honest, I think of you highly.
(I promise I’m not being wily!)
With a brother like you, I’m truly blessed.
Here’s wishing you all the best.

Let’s go fishing on a lake.
Let’s eat a two tier chocolate cake.
Let’s tire ourselves at the driving range.
Let’s watch a film, something really strange.
Let’s stay up late playing games.
Let’s call each other some silly names.
Let’s spend some time with each other;
Let’s celebrate you, my awesome brother.

I’ll tell you a secret for your birthday,
Something you’ll rarely hear me say.
Make sure your listening is prime,
I’ll only say it this one time.
It’s something I’ve thought now for quite awhile.
It’s a thought that often makes me smile.
So here it is, no longer do you have to wait:
Brother, I think you’re pretty great.

Brothers are weird, wonderful creatures
With all sorts of dazzling, delightful features.
A penchant for play fights and button pressing,
An ability to distract with impressive digressing.
For whatever reason, I like you nonetheless,
Even if you blamed me that time for that mess.
I’ll get to the point lest like yours my words go astray,
Have a happy birthday.


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