Birthday Poems for Boyfriend: Eros, the Romantic Love. The greatest of blessings to some and the worst of curses to others. For those who believe that it is a blessing, what better to enhance that Love than to give your loved one a poem? Ah, but not everyone has the gift of writing and poetry. It is no shame, however, to seek the assistance of those who the Muses have blessed with creativity. It is, instead, great wisdom. And here, you will see short poems, most in free verse, for your beloved boyfriends. If you have a girlfriend instead, you can see the other article for that as well.

Happy Birthday Poems for Boyfriend

You, my fierce warrior, have graced me with your love.I can only wish for a greater blessing,a blessing to you in this day of joy.Your flames are like that of angels, my Burning Seraph.May those flames burn forever moreand fuel our Love with great passion!

Like a flowing river, your life has completed another year.In this day of splendor,I come to you with my heart open,offering you a rain of good fortune!May your river of time, my love, flow until the last dawn.May it shine along the Moonand reflect upon my eyes with silvery Light!

In this day, the Earth finished another circle in your life.With the beginning of a new cycle for you,you also reach a new age, a new year.With that, I wish that, like the most precious jewels,your life remain as precious as ever,flourishing in prosperity and wealth!

Shining winds have come to bring felicitations,humming words of love.In sweet melodiesthey sum up my heart’s wishesthat you will remain.Like the summer breeze,and with your striking wisdomyou gave my heart warmth.And with this wisdommay you remain forever.And you, my sweetheartmust continue your brilliance,enlighten this world.

You are my Sun, brighter than any starshining upon my life like an aurora,illuminating the darkness of my heartwith your beautiful love.As a minimal glimmer of longingrests inside my chest,I give you my aspirationsthat you perpetuate your bravura and your lightuntil Kingdom Come!

As the Silver Light of the Moon bathes us,kissing our skins with her gentleness,I come hither to speak thus:may this be another night of happiness,may harmony and glory grace our love,bathing us in the favor of Nyx,and may her once again, in this Sacred Grove,free us from any touch of Styx!

Your voice is like a rolling thunder,loud and strong.Likewise is your power, like Jupiter’s storm,Zeus’ weapon, the lightning bolt.You are my own Hellenic hero,and for another year you have protected me.I crown you with a flash of lightso that your day may become even more gleeful!

A forest of evergreens has born into my heartwhen I first laid my eyes on your light.The great lush of Gaia has spread across my body,the humidity cleansing all dead blight.Though the day may be tartfor you, may it be a day without darkness and folly.

My heart is like the Moon to your Earth,orbiting around yours with the Gravity of your soul,your gentleness, your strength…and even in this day, I am left without control,depositing my anima into these words,in a prayer to conserve you eternal, with the song of hummingbirds,and the laws of Love universal.

As the bards of yore sang to heroes,I write this to you, a short sample of my love,glorifying and exalting you in all your splendor,your handsomeness making all gods and goddesses sigh.I am the luckiest of all in this worldto be able to witness you again,growing wiser once again.

Your shining soul broke through all gloom,and yet again the world sees you through another year,aiding us with your bright mind.Even Nature itself becomes richer with you,both the woods and the precious metals not becoming closeto the value of your beautiful self.May Raphael see you through another healthy year!The Angels above smile upon you,a promise to brighten this day even morefor you, for me, and for all world.In these verses, I offer you my entire being,my heart, my soul and my body,all delivered to you with Love, with glee,so that you become a hero yet again.

Oh, my dearest man,you, who outshine the Light,you, for whom my heart beats,you, who break through any shadow,you, who my scars healed,once again, you grow wiser.With the lyre of Apollo,your birth is celebrated once again,the golden strings resonating with an Everlight,glowing with the shimmer of your auric heart.

Blades of steel may scar us,arrows may pierce our bodies,knives may stab our hearts,but nothing can sever the unbreakable stringof our unending love.Thus, I exalt the spirits above and around usfor allowing me to cherish you for another year,beautifying my life with your masculine grandeur.

I am here to offer you my blessing,my wishes to a shooting star,no… rather, to all the stars!The stars…the soothing tears of the gods, brightening the dark night,shining upon our hearts, such a beautiful thing!And with all my soul, I wish you a happy birthday,and a life free of any dismay!

To the Light, I have nothing to saybut cheers and exaltations,as meeting you was the beginningof a Golden Age for my life.Today, you have grown again,the flames of the Sun shining upon you.May they shower you with warmth,true happiness and nothing lessthan the most precious gifts!

Cupid’s arrow pierced my heartwhen I’ve seen you for the first time,glowing with an exquisite handsomeness,a strong, masculine aspect.Truly, I was smitten, lost in tenderness,upon seeing your light at your earlier prime.Now, you reach another apex, another prospect,glowing all the same like a true work of art.

Even when my heart bled,even with tears falling from my eyes,even when Darkness covered my mind,you have stood strong, resolute,coming to my life as a knight,in the deepest wintery night…and now, it is the beginning of a new era for you,and as a lover, I wish you a thousand days of bliss!

Reflecting the light of the Sunlike the deepest mirror, Oceanus,your golden aura opens my eyes,and I gasp in awe at your glory.Surely, it will become even more now,as you evolve once more, as your experience reaches a new level!May all the spirits around us rejoice with your new age!

After the last night of the world,after the last glimmer of light fades,after the last rose withers,after the last drop of water evaporates to naught…even after all that, my heart’s Love for you will remain.And for this reason, and with this Eros,I will exalt you in this day of glee!

What I learned with youis that my inner flame was truly frozen,but your ardor and your fervorhave melted all my congealed passions,making them fluid and warm once again.And with the elation of a new epoch,with you reaching a new age, a new era, I wish you a happy birthday!


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