Birthday Poems for Boss: You can gain a lot of respect in the workplace by wishing your boss a happy birthday. Recognizing your boss's’ birthday is a good way to improve your job security. Often people forget to wish a happy birthday to all of their close acquaintances, especially their boss. Boss’s need love and recognition too and serve as people who we spend a lot of time around. It is important to recognize what you boss does for you and your fellow co-workers. Boss’s provide a way in which to gain opportunities and skills. Boss’s often serve as role models and friends, and if you get along with your boss, it can make a huge difference in your day to day life. It is easy to forget how hard our boss’s work for the sake of the company or business and it is important to remember. The following poems can help you remember.

Happy Birthday Poems for Boss

Happy birthday to my favorite boss
Working with you has been a win not a loss
Coming to work is never bad
You are the best boss I have ever had
Every morning you have the coffee brewing
Working with you has been renewing

To a boss that is nice
Happy birthday
I am glad you are in my life
You always have a plan
I don’t mind giving you a hand
With your expertise I feel at ease
With every puzzle you have every piece
You never fuss
Your at peace
I am glad to work with you
Each day feels brand new

You are always on time
You are always there when I have a question or I am behind
Happy birthday to the person on a mission who has optimism
Not to mention great ambition
I will always be humbled to work for such a great person
With you and I making a great team business will never worsen

Happy birthday to you boss
You got the sauce
And you are always ready to make a deal
I hope you have a special day
Thank you for keeping it real
You always listen to what I feel should be done
Working with you has been surreal
Working with you has been fun

Each day that I come into work
I know that my boss won’t be a jerk
This is a great feeling and a relief
You should be the commander in chief
Thank you for being a good person and a friend
You are the best boss there is no need to pretend

Happy birthday to a boss who is polite
Happy birthday to a boss who is always right
You are the person I go to with questions
You never leave me second guessing
Thank you for being such a great boss
For the first time in my life I don’t feel lost

You are the source of information
Always have composure not afraid of exposure
You keep it together when things get crazy
You are full of energy, never lazy
I dedicate this poem to you
On days like this
It’s time to make a wish
Have a great birthday
I hope you enjoy a good dish

At any rate, I am glad working with you has been my fate
As far as bosses go, you are great
You care about your job and have no hate
You treat your employees right
You know how to have a discussion without a fight
Happy birthday to a boss with might

In times of chaos you keep your cool
Thank you for being nice and not cruel
Happy birthday to a boss that rules
You deserve a great and relaxing day
For all your hard work you deserve a thanks
Thank you boss
For being true
Thank you boss
For being you

You are by far my favorite boss
I do not mind working for you
Work is manageable with your guidance
Your kindness helps me get through at all costs
I am glad we have an alliance
To you I would never be defiant
You are full of wisdom
You have the vision
Happy birthday to someone who gets it done with precision

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On bad days you know how to make me laugh
Working with you has gotten me on the right path
Getting up early is no trouble
I am there on the double
I see you at your desk contemplating
Then we start the day
Neither of us are late
Happy birthday to boss that is great

With you as a boss I have grown as a person
All of your stories are moving
They always get better, they never worsen
I hope you have a very happy day
A day filled with joy and laughter
I will see you the morning after
Back to the office and the chatter

I want to thank you for all your hard work
I want to thank you for not being a jerk
You work right there beside your employees
You are never far and you always hurry
When business is good you know who to thank
You respect me and it means a lot
Happy birthday to the person who gave me a shot

My dear boss
I am at a loss
I do not know how to thank you
For all the bridges you have helped me cross
Thank you for giving me an opportunity to succeed
You are a rare breed
You take care of my every need
You are filled with generosity
You are not filled with greed
Happy birthday

I respect your expertise
Your personality keeps me at ease
You knowledge is vital
To the company's title
From your wisdom there is much to gain
You always maintain
You always keep me sane
When I am overwhelmed
You take away the pain
Happy birthday to a boss who puts me in the right lane

It’s not everyday that one comes across a boss like you
One that is honest and true
I hope you are happy on your birthday and not blue
Thank you for giving me the opportunity
Thank you for giving back to the community
In your company I have found unity

You are entertaining and always make me laugh
You are focused on the present and not on the past
You know how to push the petal to the metal
Your ideas are on fire like a tea kettle
Happy birthday to boss who doesn’t settle
I hope your day is filled with joy
You are the best boss in the world

You take the pressure off me and you trust my expertise
I thank you for listening and being a friend to me
You are more than my boss, you are my confidant
You always take into consideration what everyone wants
You never fuss, you never scream
You and I make a great team
Happy birthday

Your work ethic is admirable
When there is a problem you are there on the double
In times of trouble you turn a storm into a puddle
You are patient and kind
You are a boss I would never leave behind
And I would never forget this special day
Have a happy birthday

At times work can be a drag
After all life is no easy task
You make it better nonetheless
You put a smile on my face
When things get hectic you remind me it’s not a race
Happy birthday to a boss with grace
Happy birthday to a boss that I would never replace

You are the best boss out there
I can tell that you really care
You have given me great opportunity
You are never without certainty
I look up to you with courtesy
Happy birthday to someone who works carefully
I will always be there for you as you are there for me
With you as my boss
I have no fear

Take it or leave it
One thing is clear
You my friend are the boss of the year
You always have an excellent plan
When things are in shambles you know how to give a hand
You work hard and always give back
Happy birthday to a boss who is on the right track

You are the best boss of all time
You know how to keep everyone in line
Without force you get the job done
And although you work hard, you know when to have fun
The days are not so bad with you in charge
You are the best boss by and large


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