Anniversary Poems for Husband: A marriage takes a lot of love and work. It’s a partnership, which isn’t always easy. Whether you’ve been together for one year, five, or twenty-seven, you’ve made a commitment to your husband and you’ve chosen to stay together. Perhaps you can’t imagine life without him. Perhaps you’re grateful for all he brings to your relationship and what he does for you. Maybe it’s been difficult, but worth it. However long you’ve been together and whatever it’s been like, you’ll find a poem in this collection of Anniversary Poems for Husbands to help you express yourself.

Anniversary Poems for Husband

Has it really been so many years
Since you allayed all of my young fears
Of living the rest of my life alone?
On that day, I couldn’t have known
How happy we’d continue to be together.
We’ve been through good and bad weather.
I’m so happy with our life,
You my husband, me your wife.

Today we celebrate the day we wed,
Think of the vows that we said.
I promised to stay your wife, faithful and true.
We exchanged our rings, said, “I do”.
I’d say it was the best day ever,
But that wouldn’t be clever.
Every day since with you has been the best,
I can’t wait to experience all the rest.

Today’s our day, celebrating being husband and wife,
Celebrating a special bond for life.
It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it.
I’d do anything for you. I love you, every last bit.
Marriage is a choice, one we’ve both made,
And there’s nothing I’d trade.
Here’s to all the years ahead
Of continuing being partners, lovers, wed.

Today’s more exciting than my birthday
Because once upon a time, it was when I got to say
That I would forever cherish and hold you.
And since that day, our love grew and grew
And continues to grow and will until we grow old.
It’s been a wonder to behold,
The stuff fairytales are made of.
Happy anniversary, love.

Every year gets better, and this one’s no exception.
When we first got married, I had the odd preconception
About what to expect in my life with you.
But you’ve made me see marriage and life anew.
Your love, selflessness and consideration
Deserve a standing ovation.
So here’s celebrating the years behind and ahead
Of being happily wed.

On our anniversary, I think you should know
That for every storm in my life, you are a rainbow.
In all these years of marriage, you’ve never let me down,
Always my handsome knight, and sometimes a bit of a clown.
The years behind us are memories sweet,
And the many years ahead I’m eager to great.

Here’s to marriage; here’s to us!
Here’s to continuing on thus:
Always loving, listening and caring,
Wherever there are burdens, helping with bearing,
Remembering the reasons we fell in love,
Holding each other all others above.
I knew you were the man for me the day we met;
Let’s see how much better it can get.

Marriage is an adventure, and I’m glad I’m on it with you.
Without such a husband, I don’t know what I would do.
Let’s raise a glass to all our years together,
To every storm that we’ll weather,
To fairer days of clear, blue skies,
To always seeing love in one another’s eyes.

How has so much time together already passed?
Life with you seems to go by so fast.
I guess that must mean that we’re having fun.
Happy anniversary, my husband, my only one!
I wonder, what does the rest of our future hold?
I can’t wait to see how it unfolds as we grow old. 

You’re the apple and every other fruit of my eye.
You’re the big scoop of ice cream to my pie.
You’re my dearest husband, faithful and ever true.
Happy wedding anniversary to me and you!
I’m so glad to have found my perfect other half,
The one who can always make me smile or laugh.

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Today we celebrate our life as two,
Two friends, two lovers, two partners, always true;
In sickness, in health,
In poverty, in wealth.
With each passing year, growing ever stronger,
Our history and our memories reaching back ever longer.
Here’s to you, me, and us and to everything we’ve got.
When we’re together, we’ve got quite a lot.

Happy anniversary husband, dear!
Can you believe it’s been another year
Since saying “I do”?
With each passing year, I still love you.
I look at this life that we’ve made together
And I never wonder whether
It was the right choice.
It was.
Here’s to all the years we’ve been wed!
Here’s to all the years ahead!

Marriage is hard work.
Lots of responsibilities that sometimes I’d rather shirk.
But because it’s with you, I don’t mind.
With a husband like you, it’s not such a grind.
We’ve chosen to be partners for life.
I’m happy to be your wife.
I’m very happy to see it through.
Happy anniversary to us two!

Many years have now passed,
A happy marriage has made them go by fast.
It was on this day so long ago
That we first started to know
What it means to be a pair,
To work together, to really care.
Since that day, our love grew and grew.
Husband, it’s always easy with you.

Every day there’s something new
That I learn to love about you.
It’s been several years now to the day
Since all dressed up we both agreed to say
Vows to hold each other dear,
To always love and be sincere.
I know that I will never grow tired
Of my husband, who I’ve always admired.

We’ve had so much fun together, so time’s gone by fast.
It’s good to pause sometimes and reflect on the past.
It’s our wedding anniversary and I’m continually grateful
For having met you on that day, so fateful.
You’ve been the best husband that I could ever ask for.
I look forward to spending together many years more.

Marriage isn’t always easy stuff.
While it’s usually great, it can also be rough.
But we agreed to stick it out,
No matter any difficulties, no matter any doubt,
No matter when we don’t agree,
No matter when we’re feeling beastly.
I’m glad we have because there’s no else I’d rather spend my life
With, being a loving, devoted wife.

My life is so much better for being married to you.
How happy I could be, I never knew.
Happy anniversary, husband dear.
I love you more with each passing year.
You’re absolutely one of a kind.
We were for one another designed.
May we be happy for longer yet,
Be there for each other through every sunrise and sunset.

In sickness and in health,
In rags and in wealth,
We vowed to one another see our marriage through.
Happy anniversary from me to you.
We’ve held each other up when things get tough,
Supported each other when we had barely enough.
I can’t imagine this life without you at my side,
My best friend, husband, and guide.

On that day, our marriage day,
We vowed to love each other come what may.
And so we have and now we’re here,
Our anniversary, celebrating another happy year.
We’re good together, if time’s proven anything.
I as your queen and you as my king.
You’re worthy of a throne to me.
The years shall push on so shall we.

You’re worth your weight in diamonds and gold,
Though we might never be so rich, even when we’re old.
Indeed, your value’s in this marriage we’ve got.
It’s in the love and caring that you’ve always brought.
You’re a brilliant husband, the very best.
Worth me to me than all the rest.
Without pretense or fun:
Here’s to us!

The years go by, but some things never change
Like my love for you.
I would never think to exchange
What we’ve got for something new.
We’ve built a relationship that’s special, built on love and trust,
Something unique and robust.
Happy anniversary to my dearest only one,
Here’s to years ahead filled with fun.


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