Anniversary Poems for Couples: Poetry is an excellent way to show your significant other how much you care about and love them. Poetry contains rhythm and love contains rhythm. Love is the most beautiful thing in the world and anniversaries are a special day that is also personal. Ones anniversary is important to recognize and surprising your loved one with a special poem is a perfect way to break the ice and show your partner that you understand how fragile love can be. This is why it is important to secure one’s love with a romantic gesture that will last a lifetime. Words contain a lot of meaning and when used correctly can make an astounding impact. Love is hard to come by and should be cherished gracefully and with pleasure, for love is the only thing that is truly real.

Love can be hard at times but it is important to recognize how much love can bring.

Happy Anniversary Poems for Couples

You are the light of my life
You are the stars at night
When I need someone to console me
You are there ready to hold me
Every day I fall more in love with you
I will always be true
You make me feel brand new
I hope you know that I love you

We have come a long way
Today is our day
It is time to celebrate our love
Never will I go stray
You are my best friend
There is no need to pretend
How much I love all the time we spend
We will always make it through adversity
Happy anniversary

From the bottom of my heart
I knew we would have a happy start
The first day I met you I knew you were the one
You made me so happy, you shine bright like the sun
I love you in every way
Thank you for helping me get through the day
Happy anniversary

When I need a friend
You hold me until the end
Each day with you feels brand new
I love you more than the flowers that bloom
You smell nicer than any perfume
I love to hold you and kiss you goodnight
To keep our love I will always fight
Happy anniversary to my light

I want to hold you
And I want you to hold me
Together we stand tall like a tree
Your hands are something I like to hold
Our love is something beyond bold
You keep me warm in the cold
At night you are my pillow
You are my hero
Happy anniversary

When I hold your hand
I can withstand
When I kiss you
It is all I want to do
I want to be near you everyday
I know our love will never go astray
I feel you in every way
Happy anniversary to a love that will never go away

In your eyes I see your soul
In your arms I feel whole
You are the best thing that I have
You know all the ways to cheer me up when I feel sad
I know our love will never go bad
You make me so glad
I am madly in love with you
Happy birthday to a love that is true

Every memory we have made
Is something I would never trade
Every embrace we share
Makes me feel like we are a good pair
To a person who has my heart
I never want to part
Happy anniversary to someone who is sweet not tart
You are the apple of my eye
You are a work of art

For you I have always cared
I am glad we have a love that is shared
At night I feel at peace knowing I have you to hold
The world feels so heavy at times but you take away the load
You are my light
For you I would always fight
You are out of this world
You are out of sight
Happy anniversary

You know how to comfort me in times of pain
You know how to talk to me and keep me sane
Our love will always remain
With you I have so much to gain
Take my hand and together we will run away
Today is my favorite day
Happy anniversary

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You are special on every level
In your love I take delight
You take me so high
You never lie
You are the best
This i must confess
I love when you rest your head on my chest
You are precious to me
Your eyes help me see
Happy anniversary

Never will I leave
Together we will achieve
You and I make a great team
In love you make me believe
I am so lucky to have found someone like you
You always make me smile
Even when I am blue
Your kisses are magical and so are you
Happy anniversary to a love that is true

With you I never want to part
From the first day I met you
I knew I would never forget you
Your hand I want to hold in mine
My love has grown for me in time
You are divine
You are close to my heart
Happy anniversary
I have loved you from the start

You make me feel so alive
To gain your affection I will always strive
I know our love will always survive
You understand me like no other
You are one of a kind
I could never find another
You say the things I need to hear
I love when you are near
Happy anniversary to my dear

The thought of you gives me butterflies
With you summer never dies
Your eyes are like no other
They contain every beautiful color
Your love I can not ignore
With you I can always be sure
You make me feel secure
Happy anniversary to a love that is pure

Your touch is something I crave
When I am afraid you make me feel brave
This love is something I will always want to save
Your hand in mine
I want to engrave
As the sea crashes to shore
I can always be sure
Our love is pure
Happy anniversary

Your voice is always in my head
I remember every word you have ever said
You make me happy when I am filled with dread
You make me feel alive when I feel dead
I love when you kiss my head
You are always three steps ahead
I love when we cuddle in bed
Happy anniversary

Your smile is my favorite part of the day
You always say the words to get me back to life in every way
I want to wish you a happy anniversary
With you I always want to stay
My love for you will always remain
Even in times of rain
You light up my world and take away my pain

When I first saw you
I fell in love
You are an angel
That has fallen from above
Your words give me strength
For you I would go to any length
To keep you happy is my goal
I hope you are always there to hold
Happy anniversary to someone who is worth more than gold

I pray our love never goes away
I appreciate you each and every day
I want to show you how much I care
You are a person who is rare
For you I will always be there
I love holding you close
I am glad I am the person you chose
Happy anniversary to the one who means the most

Our love has never been fake
With you I feel awake
You help me to see who I really am
I know our love has never been a sham
You are special and you are brave
You are the love of my life and you I crave
Happy anniversary to the love that we made

Our love is so real
You are someone that I always feel
Our love is more than an ideal
Love can be bittersweet
But you make it easy
In you I will always believe in
A love softer than your skin
I see the person you are within
Happy anniversary, your heart is what I want to win

I hope these words make me feel whole
I can feel the love I have for you in my soul
Falling for you was out of my control
Before I met you I felt numb
Never did I think a love so great would ever come
You make me so happy
Happy anniversary


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