60th Birthday Poems:  It is important to recognize how aging is a blessing and a gift. Many people stress over turning 60 years old, as this is a milestone in many people's lives that represents finally being old. But turning 60 is not the end, in fact it's only the beginning. There is a lot to be thankful for and a lot to appreciate when you have lived that long. It is also important to realize how the physical is not as meaningful as we sometimes think. Many people who age also gain wisdom in the process. It is vital for people to feel good about their age in order to have a happy life. Wishing someone a happy birthday is always a nice gesture and these poems not only do that but they also remind loved ones that their life is a blessing and it's far from over.

Happy 60th Birthday Poems

It is a good day to be alive
You deserve a hi-5
You've made it through life with a smile
You turn up the dial and go the extra mile
You deserve to take the load off for awhile
Today is a special day to be you
A happy birthday is well overdue

You are young in spirit and chipper at that
You always know how to have fun
Your life is far from done it is time to party and celebrate the day
Age is just a number
Don't listen to what they say
You are far from being old and gray
I hope you have a happy birthday

I hope your birthday is a day of joy
I hope your wishes come true
I hope you never feel blue
You are the strongest of them all
You know to live life to the fullest and stand tall
You are still climbing you will never fall
Happy birthday to a wonderwall

Birthdays are a time of happiness
I hope your birthday is something you enjoy
You always know to have fun even when your birthday is over and done
It is never too late to celebrate so get out there and have some fun
Your life has just begun
You shine brighter than the sun

I wanted to wish you a happy day
You are far from cliche
You do not take your life for granted in any way
My respect for you is what I wish to convey
I look up to you and the things you say
You are wise beyond your years happy 60th birthday

I am blessed to know you and be a part of your life
Your knowledge is infinite and you always strive for what is right
I hope your birthday brings you joy during the day and into the night
You never quit without a fight
You are out of sight

It is amazing to me how you are turning 60
You look younger in fact and your mind is still in tact
There is nothing that you lack
I will always have your back
A blessing is what you are to me
Happy birthday to a person who is free

I am glad to know you
I wish you happiness on this day and I wish to show you
Even though you are turning sixty there is no reason to feel dismay
You are still young in so many ways
You always have something clever to say
And you always know how to make things okay
You are so wise
You should be thankful for another day

Today you are turning the big 6 0
You are blessed more than you know
You have come so far
You have set the bar
You shine brighter than all of the stars
Be thankful for making it here
There is no reason to shed a tear
Happy birthday, this is your year

Age is just a number and you are more than that
Today is a day to celebrate and cheer
It is so wonderful you've gotten through another year
You should be thankful and have no fear
You are still young at heart
Your future is so clear

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Happy birthday to a special person
You are turning 60 today but you can stop your cursing
Today is a gift and a blessing too
You should feel hopeful for a new day that is all for you
Birthdays only come once a year
It is time to appreciate that your special day is here

What a great day to be alive
No matter what you are a person with drive
There is nothing to fear your special day is here
Your vision is clear, today is the best day of the year
You deserve a big cheer.
You are now in a new stage
You should be excited to turn the page.

You should feel happy you shouldn't feel blue
To spend an entire day that is just about you
Just think of all the things that you can do
I know you still know how to have a good time
Your health is more than fine
There is nothing to be upset about you have taken the best route

I am so glad to be able to tell you happy birthday
You are special in every way
Your personality lights up my life more than I can say
I hope you are feeling good and have a good time
You brighten up the day without even trying

You are a fighter and you are brave
You know how to light up any stage
There is no reason to feel rage
One thing in life that does not matter is your age
You have so much wisdom you are a sage
The older you are the smarter you are
Happy birthday you have come far

I hope you know how lucky you are to live this long and go so far
You always stay happy no matter how bad things are
You give me hope and reassurance
You are full of brilliance
You are my hero and my friend
Happy birthday to a person who is young within

You've always stayed true
You have always stayed you
You are lucky to be where you are
You are blessed to have come so far
You shine bright like a star
Today is your birthday and that is great
You are turning 60 but it is never too late

You have accomplished so much in so little time
No matter the situation you are always fine
You know how to keep your eyes on the prize
Your mind is still young and you are very wise
Happy birthday to a person who has lived a great life

You should be thankful in so many ways
Many do not make it this far
Many never reach this amazing day
In my heart you will always stay
You have always been my hero and you make the bad times okay
Wishing you a happy birthday
I hope this makes your day

There is no reason to stress
There is no reason to cry
Your birthday is a gift there is no need to lie
Everything is going well in your life and that is great
Turning 60 is an amazing thing to celebrate
Happy birthday remember it is never too late

Happy birthday to a person that knows how to have fun
You are still so young
Your life is far from done
Look at how far you have come
It is time to celebrate and appreciate your life
It is time to party all night
I appreciate your insight
Your knowledge is infinite
You have no limit

Today is a very special day
It is the day of your birth
I hope you know how much you are worth
You should feel happy
That you are still on this earth
I appreciate your life and you should too
There are so many things that you helped me get through

Happy birthday to the greatest and brightest
You light up the world
Today is your day
There is no need to delay
It is time to party and be lively
I hope that you agree
There is no reason to be angry
You hold the key
To be all that you can be

What a great day to be alive
Let us celebrate this special day
For you are special in every way
I hope your wishes come true
I don’t know where I would be without you
Happy birthday to a person I love and admire
I hope this life is everything that you desire


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